Escort Services in Playa del Carmen

There Are Three Escort Service Options.  The first is a mid-level option.  That means pretty girls at reasonable prices.  That’s Playa Brats.  The second is a high end option with gorgeous girls and higher prices.  The third is to search Mileroticos online.  

Playa Brats

Some agencies send young thug drivers to escort the young lady to your door.  The escorts from Playa Brats have their own cars and it’s just them when you answer the door.  Some other agencies ask for deposits.  Playa Brats doesn’t.   You pay when your hot hooker arrives.  All their escorts like kissing with tongue, and are bisexual.  Their favorite dates are threesomes, either with you as a couple or with two Playa Brats.  For more info and details contact them.  Call or use Whatsapp at +52 9843 222 296.  The owner is bilingual, and speaks native English.  Click on the pictures.  They are links!

The Pleasure Palace

The Pleasure Palace is mainly a brothel and their profile is on that page.  The advantage to going is that less than half the prostitutes they have working there allow their photos online.  When you go, you get to meet them all.  You can see who’s had enough sleep, who’s horny and who you have chemistry with.  However, they will send you a girl if you are not staying at an all-inclusive resort.  Prices are $350 USD per hour.  If that price is not intimidating, you will enjoy beautiful girls at least 2 levels above their competition.  

Search For Agencies On Mileroticos

Mileroticos is the most popular way for Mexican hookers to meet Spanish speaking clients.  You will find everything there; teens, MILFs, travestis (chicks with dicks) and even escort services.  Some of the services advertising are really just a group of girlfriends who pay the least successful of them to answer the phones and make appointments.  If they’re hot, who cares?  They won’t speak English for the most part, but almost all have Whatsapp so you can use a translation app to make an appointment.  You can save money dealing direct.  The English speaking agencies cost more. 

Remember, you are only 40 minutes to an hour (depending on traffic) to Cancun.  Also keep in mind that if you are in an all-inclusive hotel you won’t be able to get a girl inside.   Try a sex motel.  They´re safe, inexpensive, fun and a real adventure.  For $600 pesos (about $30 USD) you´ll get a nice, clean room with a jacuzzi and stripper pole.  Order beers from room service and you will enjoy the hottest escort date of your life!