The Worst Strip Club City in Mexico

Don’t Believe Your Taxi Driver 

The best strip club city in Mexico might be Cabo San Lucas.  The worst strip club cities are Cancun and Playa del Carmen.

It usually starts with a corrupt taxi driver.  If you are a lone male or a group of guys, he’ll ask if you want to see the most gorgeous girls on the planet get naked, or something stupid like that.  He gets paid to deliver you to dangerous, dirty brothels or some of the most dishonest strip clubs in Mexico.  We don’t usually believe a totally negative review like this one.  We assume whoever is writing it met a bad waiter, dancer or driver.  Do your research.  You won’t find one good review for a strip club in PDC.  There are other ways of having fun in Playa del Carmen.

Stay Out of Chilly Willy’s

Tommy Texas wrote to say “DON”T GO !!! Once you are there they will hold you hostage for your tab. Just got back from there. Cab driver took me and my buddy there when we asked him 5 times to take us to a disco. The girls were ugly and fat. In the end they tried to charge me $3300 USD and my buddy $1200 USD for 1 dance and 14 drinks between us in 90 minutes!!!! Then when we refused they called the police whom we had to pay not to take us to jail.  They only let us go after we agreed to pay the tabs and our card cleared!!!! (Once back in the USA we filed claims with our banks not to pay.) Then the cab driver hit me for an additional $100 for a 5 min trip and threatened to call the police if I didn’t pay.”

Rufus Has A Similar Experience

Rufus had this to say about Chilly Willy’s.  “Be very careful in this club. Chilly Willys has a terrible reputation. But it’s got what quite a few people are looking for. It’s not really a strip club, it’s much more of a brothel. The girls really try and get guys excited with the private dances. That makes it easier to get them paying for some time in the back room. It’s easy to find. Ask any taxi driver, and they’ll rub their hands together as they get big commission for bringing foreigners here. If you’ve got plenty of cash and want sex, then Chilly Willys might work for you.”

The Security Staff Are Gangsters

Rufus went on to write “Warning: The security here are hired criminals. If you’re not spending money, then they’ll find a way of getting it out of you. Only buy bottled beer. Have your server open it in front of you OR get it directly from the bar yourself OR go with a local who knows the people there. There are credible stories of people getting drugged by the mixed drinks in Chilly Willys. Unsurprisingly, the victims can’t remember anything and wake up with no money.”

Marlins Men’s Club

Rufus concluded with some comments on Marlin’s.  “”Marlin Safari Men’s Club: Marlins is a more traditional strip club, with less of a focus on getting every guest to pay for sex.  It’s not as much of a dive , but it still has the same bad reputation as Chilly Willy’s).”

Summary Report on the Worst Strip Club City in Mexico (Tied with Cancun)

Dandy Darrell sent us a summary report on the strip clubs scene in Playa del Carmen.  “Chilly Willys • kilometer 3 carretera playa del carmen • 011 52 998 898 001. Some people say that their main business is to cheat gringo customers.
La Diva • la Avenida 20 con Calle 6 – 95% Mexican clients – very downmarket.
La Hueva • la Avenida 40 con la Calle 28 – Mexican clients and VERY downmarket
Marlin’s Mens Club • Highway # 307 – many scams have been reported. Pay for your drinks after each and every round.