Cancun; Sunshine, Escorts, Parties

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People come to Cancun for many reasons, but not because of the girls. It’s surprisingly difficult to find an English Speaking escort.  If you do find one, most hotels won’t permit prostitutes on the premises.  You’ll need a Motel de Paso.  The Hotel Zone is a long ride from downtown, where the Mexican whores live.  Downtown, no one speaks English and Gringos aren’t popular.  What kind of coastal Mexican party town doesn’t make hot hookers readily available?  Cancun is a family tourist destination.  Therefore, if you aren’t prepared for unwanted excitement in the underbelly of Cancun where there is significant safety risk, try one of the recommended brothels or an independent escort at a sex motel.

For everything it does right, we rank Cancun as #7 in our Best Escort Cities in Mexico list.