You Cannot Avoid Happy Ending Massage

Just Walk On 5th Avenue

Anyone who’s been to Playa del Carmen knows 5th Avenue.  It’s the wide half-mile long pedestrian street filled with restaurants, shops and massage parlors.  The massage girls line up outside on the street just like brothel whores, only they wear white nurses outfits.  Are they all hookers?  No, but some are.  There are so many, you might want to walk 5th Avenue and note which ones look the best.  We’ve been to PDC three times in the last 6 years, and we never saw any massage nurse that looked particularly hot.  Tastes vary by individual.  If massage is your foreplay of choice, this is an All You Can Eat Smorgasbord of hands, mouths, tits and ass.  

Two Almost Sure Things:

Veronica’s and Magic Hands are the two massage places most mentioned by guys who enjoy erotic massage.  However, there were also reports of not getting a happy ending.  It varies by therapist.  YMMV.   

Veronica’s Massage Gold
1 Av. Norte entre Calle 24 y 26 · 01 984 128 5353

Magic Hands Massage
5°ta. Avenida Mza.028 #211 entre 10y12. Justo a un lado del Restaurante 100%Natural · 01 984 155 1247

If you want a great city for Happy Ending Massage, try Ixtapa/Zihuatanejo.  

How Can You Tell Before You Commit?

If you look at the sign, often the places most likely to give you sex are colored “porn purple”.  If you are talking to the woman who wants to massage you, listen and watch carefully.  Therapeutic massage is sold in a professionally friendly and relaxed manner.  A girl who wants to rub your back for $25 USD and suck your cock for an additional sum is going to have a more flirtatious approach.  Watch her shoulders, her eyes and hands for clues.  Are you still unsure!? Find a place to sit and observe.  If the massage salespeople are approaching both women and men, it’s probably just massage.  If the girl you want is talking almost exclusively to men, your chances to score are excellent.