The Pleasure Palace in Playa Del Carmen

Converted Boutique Luxury Hotel

The Pleasure Palace in PDC is located just off 5th Avenue, near the Ferry Dock to Cozumel.  It’s without a doubt the finest brothel in Mexico, even better than The Pleasure Principle in Cancun.  You don’t need a word of Spanish.  Imagine the best looking girls in Latin America all working under one roof in Playa del Carmen, competing with each other to get you alone.  Plus, it’s an honest, well run business.  Their guiding principles are Privacy, Cleanliness, Quality and Customer Service.


A man deserves to have his privacy respected.  You don’t need family, friends, business associates or ANYONE knowing your personal business.  For this reason, our chauffeured transportation vehicles are unmarked.  We greet you in our lobby, offer you a complimentary beverage, then whisk you away to a private area where you will meet our girls.  No more than one client is allowed in the lobby at a time.  We have been in business 20 years, which is the equivalent of 200 years for a normal business.  We have a huge repeat customer base because our clients know they are safe with us.  


When you meet one of our escorts, she is fresh and clean smelling.  Our janitorial staff is overpaid and obsessive.  We take pride in our presentation.  Our cleaning personnel operate in shifts 24 hours a day.  Though you won’t see them working, you can be confident their meticulous attention to detail will meet the standards of the most discriminating visitor.


No expense has been spared in both the furnishings and decoration of The Pleasure Palace.  The hot tubs are top of the line, and thoroughly cleaned after each use.  But it’s not just the beds that exude quality.  Our escorts are carefully chosen from hundreds of applicants.  Our entertainers (hookers) are selected based on a combination of beauty and personality.  Each of our girls is young, gorgeous and personable.  We hire the cream.  You’ll find the girls we’ve rejected in the strip clubs, lower level brothels or on the street selling massage.    Don’t blame us if you fall in love with your escort.  It happens all the time.  

Customer Service

Visit our website and see photos of the models who allow us to publish their photos.  (Only about 1 in 3 gives us permission, due to privacy issues.)  A few are shown here.  If you still have questions, click on the Live Chat feature.  If you are in the area, you can request a complimentary, no obligation visit to our facilities.  We will send our chauffeured, unmarked luxury SUV to pick you up at your hotel or resort.  No cost, no obligation.  If you don’t see anyone who appeals to you, we’ll cheerfully return you.  It’s not much of a gamble on our part.  Virtually everyone stays.  
When you arrive, we’ll give you a complimentary beverage, take you to a private room and introduce you to our girls.  If (when) you make your selection, your escort will show you to your room.  We won’t talk about the customer service that takes place behind closed doors, but it’s incredible!  After you finish, your chauffeur will be waiting to take you back to your resort.  
We hope to make you one of our repeat customers.  Don’t forget, we have so many girls that if you come back in 6 hours they’ll all be new.  Plus new girls arrive daily for your enjoyment and satisfaction.