Abbreviations Used in Sex Ads

We welcome guys who are new to looking for escorts in Mexico.  The language used in prostitute sex ads can be totally confusing.  You’re looking at a photo on one of our escort pages, and the girl looks pretty hot.  It says she does anal, and you know what that means, but what is a BBBJ/CIM?  Or COF?  Does the chica serve coffee?  WTF?  IMHO, these abbreviations make me LMAO.  Huh?  Whether it’s medicine, the military, sports or just different tribes of young people, all specialized groups have their secret code words.  While we try to speak in common English, sometimes the space in a form or an ad in the girls own words use abbreviations you may not understand.  The following terms should help you decipher the most common terms used on our website.  If you have an uncommon abbreviation, use a Google search for “sexual abbreviations”.

Abbreviations, Numbers through “G”

420 – Marijuana.  Believe it or not, some escorts use drugs!

69 – Mutual oral sex, at the same time.

Amateur – An escort who rarely takes appointments.  This is common in Mexico, with housewives and students supplementing their income with an occasional date.

Anal – Anal sex

Analingus – Stimulation with tongue in ass.  Also called “Tossing the salad”.

Bareback – Without condom

BBBJ – Bareback Blowjob, or oral sex without a condom.  This is common with providers in the U.S., but it is not common in Mexico.

BBBJ, CIM – The CIM is “cum in mouth”.  The next question is….will she swallow, or does she spit?

BBW – Big Beautiful Woman.  This could be just a big-boned girl, but more often it’s a euphemism for a fat chick.  Same as Large and Lovely.

Black Kiss – Analingus She licks your ass and sticks her tongue inside.  Girls love to do this, because guys go crazy.

BTW – By the way…..

Cam Show – An interactive internet experience, where you log onto a site (usually MSN) and pay with a credit card or PayPal.  You get both audio and video.  You don’t need a camera, though you can have her watch you while you watch her.  The girl then simulates sex, usually with a dildo, while you listen, watch and masturbate.  Usually, you can write her notes, make requests and communicate with her.

CIM – Cum in Mouth

COB – Cum on Body or Cum on Breasts

COF – Cum on Face

CBJ – Covered Blowjob, or oral sex with a condom

Covered – With a condom

Cunnilingus – oral sex received by the woman

DATY – Date at the “Y”. The Y is her legs.  DATY means she likes being eaten….cunnilingus, or oral sex received by the woman.

DFK – Deep French Kiss, or kissing with tongue action.  (See LFK, which is the same thing….only with less tongue.)

DP – Double penetration.  Usually two guys sharing a girl, with their cocks in either her mouth, pussy or ass.

GFE – Girlfriend Experience.  Definitions vary, but at a minimum it includes light kissing.  In the U.S., it includes DFK and BBBJ, but in Mexico it can just mean your escort hugs you.  When the ad says “GFE”, it’s best to find out what the term means to the escort.

Safe GFE –  The chica gives you kisses, but her blowjobs are covered.

Golden Showers – Urination.   Don’t forget to ask if she is willing to both give and receive.

Greek – Anal sex.

Green Parties – Sometimes seen in escort ads.  The girl enjoys smoking marijuana. Often used with “white parties”, or cocaine.

Abbreviations, “H” through “P”

Hobby/Hobbyist – The “hobby” is the frequent use of prostitutes, and a “hobbyist” is you, the client.

Hooker – Comes from the civil war general Joseph Hooker who had a second army of prostitutes following the first army.  They became know as “Hookers Girls” and then finally just hookers.  A whore, prostitute, or escort.

IMHO – In My Humble Opinion

Incall –  The service is offered at a fixed location where you can go, usually a private home or apartment.  This saves you from renting a hotel room.  (WARNING:  99 times out of 100, an incall is safe and OK.  If you don’t feel safe for any reason, change the appointment to a hotel.)

LFK – Light French Kiss.  A little tongue action, but usually just the tip.  See DFK. 

LMAO – Laughed My Ass Off.

Menu – Just like a restaurant, only this is a list of sex acts your scort will do and their corresponding prices.

Missionary/Mish – Sex with the chica on her back, the man penetrating from the top position.

MSOG – Multiple Shots on Goal.  A sports analogy, meaning the escort allows the client to cum more than once.  This is not common in Mexico.  If you rent your escort for an hour and cum in 10 minutes, expect her to get dressed and leave.  Especially if your appointment is for more than 1 hour, make sure MSOG is included.

Outcall – The chica comes to you, and does not have an incall facility.  Assume all online ads are outcall.

Pegging – Anal sex in reverse. The woman has a strap-on penis and fucks the man in his ass.

PF – Text abbreviation for “por favor”, or please in Spanish

Provider – A professional term for a prostitute/escort/hooker.  “Provider” sounds better than “puta”.

Puta – In Spanish, a derogatory name for prostitute.  Unless you want your face slapped, don’t use this word in front of your girl.

Abbreviations, “R” through “Z”

Russian – Titty fucking, where the girl uses two hands to push her breasts together, providing a tight space for a man to have sex her between her boobs.  Often used with COB, or Cum on Breasts.  You usually can’t have much fun with less than a C cup.  Use oil, or a lubricant for better sensation.

SW – Streetwalker.  A hooker who waits to meet her clients on street corners, outside bars and hourly hotels. These cheap prostitutes charge as little as $100 pesos, ($250 is a very common price) depending on the city.  For that price, she’ll drop her pants and wait while you do your business.  Many have a la carte menus.  By the time you’re done paying her to take off her top and suck your cock with a CBJ (covered blowjob) you’ve paid more than you would have for someone better looking, with more skills and a better attitude.

Spinner – A slender, petite escort.  The name refers to her ability to sit on top of the man while she’s penetrated, and change positions without losing contact.  (Try that with a heavy chica, and you’re going to get your family jewels squished.)

Travesti / Tranny / TV – A transsexual, transvestite.  A man dressed as a woman.  Most of the travesti escorts are better looking than 90% of the females.  They are careful with their hair, makeup and clothing, and usually have nice breast transplants.  They usually offer GFE and almost always anal.  They’re more likely to do a BBBJ than the female scorts.   Some will let you suck them, and a few will take the top position and penetrate the client.

White parties – Sometimes used in escort adds.  The girl likes cocaine.  Often used with “green parties”, or marijuana.

WTF – What the Fuck?  An abbreviation that expresses surprise and doubt at the same time.  As in (see above) “What the Fuck?  Hookers use drugs?  I didn’t see THAT coming!”

YMMV – Your Mileage May Vary.  Escorts are people too.  They are attracted to some people and not others.  She may DFK one guy, suck him without a condom, swallow, then take him up the ass for a second go around for MSOG.  Another guy may just get basic service, with her watching a soap opera while he does his business.  The variables can be age and looks, but more often an escort will do things for one guy she won’t do for another based on personal hygiene, courtesy and “generosity”.  If you shower and brush your teeth before your appointment, wear cologne and clean clothes and have a polite, positive, enthusiastic attitude, usually you’ll get everything on her menu. And maybe even more!