PDC: Prostitutes, Pitfalls, Perfect Vacations

Leave Your Innocence and Credit Cards At Your Hotel

Most guys think they are worldly about escorts and life until they come to Mexico.  Americans and Canadians are accustomed to honest police, consumer protection laws and fair play.  That’s not what you’ll find in Playa del Carmen.  The police are corrupt, anything goes as far as fraud and misrepresentation and some Mexicans look at you like walking cash machines.  To many Mexicans, you are stupid, weak and deserve to have your money taken from you.  With some Mexicans that means by deception or force.  Independent escorts are the exception, especially if they speak English.

You need to learn a new set of rules.  Let us teach you.  A little knowledge can make your Playa del Carmen vacation perfect.  This also goes for guys in Tulum, where most of the independent escorts come from PDC.

Where To Find The Girls

We recommend independent escorts, erotic massage places on 5th Avenue, the Pleasure Palace and escort services.  If you are a single male in a bar at night, the girls will find you.  We DO NOT recommend the strip clubs and local brothels.  You might get laid, but it’s expensive and unsafe.  The strip clubs will rob your credit card and the brothels might roll you.  Call the police?  They’ll love it.  You will have to pay whatever was demanded originally PLUS a bribe to keep you from going to jail.   Some tourists are slow learners and demand to speak to the chief of police or a judge.  At each level, the cost of corruption goes up.  You can find all the detailed information you need on our other Playa del Carmen pages.  
Because of the independent escorts, the massage whores on 5th Avenue and The Pleasure Palace,  we rank Playa del Carmen #6 on the the list of Best Escort Cities in Mexico.

You’re Safer With Cash

Mexico is a cash society and no one has change.  This means several things to a visitor.  Can you use American dollars?  Yes, but the rate of exchange will be several points from par.  It’s cheaper to go to the bank or a “casa de cambio” (exchange house) and get your money changed to pesos.  Banks are better, because you can get lots of small bills.  Mexicans don’t have change on purpose.  Even in restaurants, if your bill is $364 and you pay with a $500 pesos bill, often your waiter will look at you with puppy dog eyes and say “Sorry. No have change.”  Welcome to Mexico.  

Avoid Mixed Drinks, Especially At Your Resort

One thing you may not be prepared for is the danger in your own hotel bar.  The bartenders, housekeeping and security are often in business together.  Some bartenders slip flunitrazepam powder (roofies) into your drink.  You feel drowsy and return to your room, then pass out completely.  Both housekeeping and security can enter your room.  Robbery is certain, and rape (male and female) is very common.  These criminals know that whatever they do to you, they’ll do with impunity.  They are protected.  You are not.  The hotel doesn’t want the bad publicity, and the police work for the Bad Guys.  They can prove you were drinking , and your allegations as a drunk are meaningless.  It’s safer to drink outside the hotel or resort.  If you must drink at your resort, order drinks served in bottles or cans like beer, soda and water. 

Credit Cards Are a Judgment Call

Credit card fraud is rampant in Mexico.  Don’t pay bars or anything sexual in nature with a credit card.  The cartels own a lot of hotels, tourist attractions and other high end businesses.  Street crime discourages tourism.  The cartels forbid it.  But overcharging your credit card is acceptable.  The larger the operation (hotel, ferry, all day tourist attractions) the safer you are from fraud.   Few fraud reports come out of Tulum, one hour down the coast from PDC.