Tijuana Is Mexico's Brothel

Tijuana; Mexican Sex Capital

What sets Tijuana apart is the sheer number of escorts.  You can find them as independents or escort services advertising online, in brothels, strip clubs, on the streets….there are even a few massage parlors.  Think Amsterdam, only with English spoken with a Spanish accent.  You can find touring pornstars selling their bodies and fame, ugly girls who’ll do an anal gangbang for $40 and everything in between.  Tijuana mongers argue they get the best sex in Mexico for the best prices.  We don’t disagree, and have ranked TJ #3 on our list of the Best Escort Cities in Mexico.  

That’s why guys who live nearby in Tecate, San Felipe and Mexicali still travel to TJ.  Is it elegant?  Usually not.  But the cost is low.  If you don’t find what you want with the first hooker, you can afford to go back and try again.  The best thing?  It’s all 100% legal.

Very Few Girlfriend Experiences

The strip club prostitutes run from a low of 6 all the way to 10 on a 10 scale.  But it’s not romantic sex.  These girls charge $50 to $80 USD for a maximum of 30 minutes.  It’s an amazing bargain!  But these stripper prostitutes don’t kiss, rarely do BBBJ, and are always conscious of the time.  If you want GFE (a girlfriend experience) with kissing and a little romance, you want an independent escort or an escort service.  The strip clubs are amazing, inexpensive and fast.  You can drink and party with 4 different girls in 4 different clubs and be back in the U.S. in 4 hours.  If you want GFE, you’ll need a room.  You’ll be rewarded for your patience and for paying a little more. 

Interconnected Strip Clubs and Brothels

If you cross the border on foot (recommended) you are a 5 to 10 minute cab ride from the Tolerance Zone.  With one exception, you’ll find all the strip clubs within walking distance of each other.  Each Tijuana strip club has a hotel connected to it.  You pick a girl in the club and less than 2 minutes later you’re in a private hotel room.  You can return to the same club and pick a different girl, or walk across the street to another club and do it all over again.  Are they strip clubs?  Are they brothels?  Who cares?   You’ll be a kid in a candy store. 

Massage Parlors

With an abundance of willing girls on the street, in the clubs and online,  massage parlors add a bit of convenience.  Particularly in the daytime many men use the massage parlors in Tijuana .  There are many legitimate massage services, but on our massage page we list only the ones offering a happy ending.  Many independent escorts offer massage.  The problem is that if you want a blowjob at 11AM, the strip clubs are just opening.  Massage parlors offer convenience and an oily alternative.  


While there is street crime, experienced visitors to Tijuana agree the biggest danger is the corrupt Tijuana police.  They regularly rob tourists on the street in full uniform and with the protection of their superiors.  There is no protection or safeguards once you’ve been singled out.  We have personal experience, as well as the reports of others who have similar stories.  It’s usually not that expensive and rarely results in arrest or physical harm.  We have tips and tricks on how to negotiate with the corrupt Tijuana Police.  We also list common sense mistakes that inexperienced visitors and experienced mongers alike make that lead to financial loss and even physical pain.