The Best and Worst Brothels in Mexico

Let’s Start With The Good News

Playa del Carmen is home to The Pleasure Palace.  It’s been owned by the same Americans since 1999.  They’ve taken a boutique hotel on a quiet street just off 5th Ave and converted it to a luxury brothel.  They import girls from all over Latin America, nothing less than an 8 on a 10 Scale.  All girls provide a minimum of a Girlfriend Experience.  Most do threesomes with lesbian show.  Some do anal and BBBJ-CIM.  Whatever you desire, someone gorgeous will satisfy you.  Most rooms have a jacuzzi, and all are elegantly appointed.  They speak English.  They provide free, no obligation round trip transportation to and from your hotel.  The best isn’t cheap.  The asking price is $350 for one hour, though sometimes discounts are available.  

From the Radisson to the Roach Motels

Low class Mexican gangsters have taken over much of Playa del Carmen and Cancun.  One of their scams involves taxi drivers, sex slaves, brothel managers, the police and the government.  It’s common in PDC for guys to pile into a taxi and say “Take us to the girls!”  The taxi drivers are paid to take them to mafia owned strip clubs and brothels.  There the tourists are met by cartel enforcers and the taxi drivers are paid a handsome commission.  The brothels are dirty, the girls are unattractive and no one is horny, including the tourists.  You will be forced to pay whether you have sex or not.  If you don’t, they’ll call the police.  Then you pay twice.  Once to the brothel, and once to the police to NOT take YOU to jail. 

The Contrast Couldn’t Be Greater

On the one hand, you have a gentleman’s brothel with English speaking assistants helping you decide which delicious girl to select.  This is a level of service you can only find in Cabo or Monterrey.  If you are not satisfied by what you see, they will drive you back to your hotel.  No charge, no obligation, no pressure.  Gentlemen rarely leave.  (We went in 2016 and basically stayed in the Pleasure Palace all four days of our trip!)  Then you have low life cab drivers delivering you into the hands of gangsters, corrupt cops, sex slaves and a filthy fuck hole like something out of Calcutta.  Welcome to the extreme life of Playa del Carmen.  It’s up to you to do your research and make good choices.