DF Princesses and Prostitutes

Slutty Whores and Wholesome Ladies

Mexico City is closing in on 10 million people.  Judging from the multitude of online ads, streetwalkers, strippers and escorts, half of the women seem to be selling sex.  No matter what type you want and how you want her, you’ll find the right woman for sale in the DF.  Is your fantasy an older lady who looks like she should be serving tea to the bridge club sucking your dick?  She’s only a phone call away.  Do you want a schoolgirl who will need to do her homework before she has sex in your bed?  With so many escorts, whatever escort type you are in the mood for could be knocking on your hotel room door in an hour.  

Whatever Type of Sex You Want Is Available 

Most gentlemen are happy to have missionary sex with a nice-looking young woman who dresses nice, smells good and doesn’t cause drama.  But some guys have an itch that is more difficult to scratch.  Welcome to Mexico City, where there are many ladies who do dirty things for money.  Read out ads.  CLICK ON THE PHOTOS, which are links to full page ads for each escort.  Many specialize in naughty things.