Mexico City Escort Directories

The Difference Between An Escort Directory and an Agency

Do a Google search for escort directories in Mexico City.  Then do the same search, but for escort agencies.  Most of the same names will show up.  The difference is phone numbers, and guarantee.  A good escort service will take responsibility for the girl showing up on time.  A directory doesn’t.  But a good directory is interested in customer feedback.  Their brand isn’t as closely tied to the performance of the girls as an agency, but two reports of “no show” or theft will probably have the same result in both types of businesses.  Unprofessional whores will ruin an escort service or a directory equally.  

Some Directories Are International, Others Specialize 

For international travelers, a website like the City of Love will connect businessmen and frequent tourists to girls in Mexico City, Madrid, Medellin or Marseille.  Others are localized in cities where escort agencies are illegal.  Like Mexico City.  

Why Agencies are Illegal and Escort Directories Aren’t

Especially in Mexico, the laws make sense.  Mexico has a problem with international sex trafficking, sex slavery and underage girls.  To combat that, the national government (centered in Mexico City) created laws that say no one can take money from the labor of a sex worker.  Being a prostitute is legal.  (In Mexico, it’s practically required!)  But pimps and slavers cannot take their money.  Unfortunately, this also makes a well-run escort service illegal.  Most prostitutes don’t like the business part of the job; advertising, promotion and separating clients from creeps.  Many find it’s worth 30% to 40% to pay an escort service.  They can focus on the work they enjoy.