Mexico City Happy Ending Massage

Erotic Massage Is Illegal

We all have our prejudices.  For many, massage is just a necessary storefront for prostitutes who want to work in areas outside the Zona Rosa.  (Red Zone, or officially sanctioned area for prostitution.) Why bother in Mexico City?  It’s easier and less expensive to just skip the massage and take a streetwalker to an hourly motel.  However, the heart wants what it wants.  If you like the ritual of massage before sex, Mexico City has a few (BAD) “happy ending” options.  While it’s illegal, some massage parlors stay open with a combination of lookouts to alert of a police raid and payoffs to the authorities.

High Cost, Bad Service at ESS

Mahal writes about his specific experience with Extreme Sports Spa (ESS) on the CityXGuide. To summarize, his experience was that it’s hard to find and not worth the effort.   “I decided to try ESS and save the trouble of having to deal with security at my hotel. ESS is indeed directly behind the Four Seasons as reported.  It was not  what I imagined from their catchy website.  You need to speak Spanish.  The place to was rundown and sordid.¨

ESS; It Gets Worse

Mahal continued.  “There is no sign. At the entrance is some old guy who asks for your name and calls upstairs to announce you. You climb 2 flights of stairs and end up in front of a white door, again with no sign. I thought I was in the wrong place.The guy who opened the door ignored me for the next 15 minutes as he was busy playing with his computer. I could see a room on the left with girls waiting, not sure what the deal was. There was 1 other customer waiting and 1 leaving and I saw 4 girls.

Finally he called a chica over, never asked me if I liked her or gave me a choice, and she came to explain the rates, 800 for handjob, 1000 for oral, 1200 for completo. She was not bad looking so I chose completo, she disappeared for a while, then reappeared and brought me to a dimly lighted minuscule room with a massage table and pretty much nothing else.”

ESS; Dirty Shower, Bored Sex

I asked to take a shower.  The common shower was far from the room.  That meant undressing, dressing and undressing again.  The shower, boy was it dirty. Some girl started banging on the door. I made it very short. Back to the room the girl, Alejandra, was friendly enough, but BBBJ was 200 extra and no other options were available. Nice massage and she was very willing to let me do whatever I wanted with her during the massage. Then a brief, like 2 minutes, BBBJ, followed by a few positions and then she started moaning and moving in a way that suggested it was time to finish. That was after about 15 minutes.

He Paid to Cum in Her Mouth.  She Gave a Handjob

Mahal finished his story.  “I asked to cum in her mouth.  She said yes, $200 more.  I paid.  She removed the condom and started giving me a handjob. I complained that this was not what I paid for, but to no avail.  She just rubbed faster.   In a few more seconds, the party was over.  Conclusion: I felt ripped off.  IMHO the experience I had was what you’d expect from a street whore.   I paid more that I would have for a high level independent escort.”  He paid $1600, plus taxi!  It’s experiences like these which make our escorts such a bargain.