DF Escort Agencies

Not Technically Legal

As a client, it doesn’t matter.  Unless you knowingly seek out sex slaves or underage girls, there’s nothing illegal about hiring a prostitute in Mexico.  But if you are a discriminating gentleman who appreciates an escort service which takes the guesswork out of hiring a hooker, it can be a little harder in Mexico City.  The government is trying to do the right thing.  They want to eliminate slavery and sex trafficking, especially with underage girls and undocumented foreigners.  

The laws that try to achieve that goal state that no one can profit from the income of a sex worker.  When they troll that net through the water, they catch legitimate agency owners with the bad guys in the same load.   

Directories As Agencies 

The difference is often the phone number.  When you go to the website of an escort agency, all the girls listed can be contacted through one number.  With a directory, each girl lists her own phone number.  Escorts of Mexico functions as a directory.  You cannot call us.  All the phone numbers on our site belong to the girls who advertise.   The only way to spoof the system is for an escort service to have an individual phone number for each girl.  Try The Geisha Academy for a hybrid escort agency and escort directory.  

Visit Our Directories Page

If you want the closest thing to a service, visit our escort directories page.  The best ones, like the Geisha Academy, carefully vet the independent escorts who are listed on their site.  It’s sort of like the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval, only for high class whores.  These girls are more dependent on good reviews than an Uber driver.