Streetwalking Whores in the DF

Putas en la calle

That means “street whores”, and they are out in force every night of the year.  If they were armed militants, they could overthrow the government based on their numbers!  Fortunately, they just want fast sex for a little money.  If you have experience with independent escorts, you won’t like streetwalkers.  They aren’t into a girlfriend experience.  That’s like comparing fine dining to a taco from a street cart.  It’s nowhere near as tasty and you’re more likely to get sick.  For some guys, the thrill is in the ritual of the pickup.  For others, it’s all about price.

The Difference Between An Escort and a Street Whore 

An independent escort is usually a blend of artist and actress. It’s her job to help you enjoy a romantic fantasy that usually includes a Girlfriend Experience; kissing and caressing.   A street girl rarely kisses.  Sometimes they don’t even undress.  Escorts normally have a 1 hour minimum.  A street whore rents you her pussy.  The moment you finish, she’s douching and dressing to return to her corner.  20 minutes tops.  Escort prices start at $1500 pesos.  Street girls often charge $250 plus the room.

It’s A Mexican Tradition

Whether your puta comes from the street or a service, the goal is the same. You can get a girl off the streets for $500, including hotel. Whether you call them street walkers (SW), hookers, putas, prostitutes, or working girls, there are a lot of them and they’re not hard to find. Young and old, male or female or….confused (transvestites), they are in several well-defined areas around town. Ask a taxi driver or your hotel staff where to go. They may be within walking distance. You find your girl on the street, negotiate, and walk with her to one of the inexpensive hourly hotels nearby. It may be new to you, but this is a system that dates back to the 16th century in Mexico City.

An Escort’s Report On Street Girls

One independent escort in Mexico City, Cristal, was kind enough to write a few words of caution about the DF streetwalkers.  “I think your web is good, but you mention Tlalpan, Merced, Centro e Insurgentes. I think that is not so good. You can go driving your car (day or night) in Tlalpan, and you´ll see many pretty girls on the street. The problem here is… the most of them are male or travesties not women.

In Merced/Centro: All these girls are in a very dangerous place, full of thieves and people who uses drugs. It’s not a very friendly neighborhood. You can find a very young, pretty girl and a fat, old ugly woman. The prices there are very cheap from $100 pesos.

In Insurgentes: Insurgentes is the largest avenue in Mexico City, 20 years ago there were scorts in the south part of insurgentes (one of the nicer places in this city) Now there are escorts at Insurgentes and Sullivan (in the middle). It’s like Tlalpan, but smaller.