There Are No Brothels in the DF

Streetwalkers Take You To Nearby Hotels

Especially in the Federal District (the DF) there are strict rules about who can profit from a sex worker.  Prostitution is legal, but you cannot take a cut from the girls pay.  This eliminates brothels, escort services and massage parlors.  However, nothing stops a girl from renting a hotel room.  So the only person eliminated is the pimp.  (In Mexico, they are usually more of a business manager.  In contrast, an American pimp is usually a black dude with knives in one pocket, drugs in the other and too much chrome on his car.)  The authorities allow escort directories (the girls can buy advertising) but not escort agencies.  It’s almost like a different country down here.   

The Hotels Are Just A Short Walk Down A Dark Alley

What most guys do is pick up the girls off the streets and take them to a hotel. Posting on cityxguide, Munch Lunch explains how it works. “HOURLY HOTELS: The one I used was called the Hotel Unico at 30 Escuela Medico Militar. That is on the east side of the intersection of that street with Callejon Hormiguero. The girls know where the hotels are; so, when they take you down what looks like an alley don’t worry, it becomes Callejon Hormiguero. It is safe to go with them; they make their money sucking, fucking and bucking; not rolling clients.”


It’s nice that Munch Lunch hasn’t gotten robbed by going down dark alleys with street hookers.  That doesn’t mean it’s safe.  If you like the thrill of streetwalkers, at least carry pepper spray.  Watch your 6.  Be aware of who is behind you.  The safest, easiest way to enjoy an escort in Mexico City is by ordering one from our list of outstanding independent girls.  Stay in your hotel room.  Wait for her to come to you.