Zihuatanejo and Ixtapa, Twin Cities

A Planned Resort Community

In the 1970s, the Mexican government with the assistance of the World Bank created two planned tourist destinations.  One was Cancun.  The other was Ixtapa.  While Cancun became a famous party destination, Ixtapa has discreetly grown to be more of a family/retired couple place of quiet relaxation.  Zihuatanejo was already an established fishing village.  That’s where the common people still live, including the escorts, strippers and erotic massage practitioners.  Only 10 miles separates the two cities.  Ixtapa is one of those places where you cannot tell it apart from other safe, sterile  beach resorts around the world.  In Zihuatanejo, you know you’re in Mexico. 

Mostly American Visitors

Visitors to Ixtapa are mostly American, with some Canadians and a few Europeans sprinked in.  While there are direct flights to Cancun, especially Europeans need to change planes once or twice before arriving.  You’re almost to Guatemala.  More than geography, just not that many people want to go to a quiet place on vacation.  Puerto Vallarta has a multiple of direct flights compared to Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo.     

American Sexual Customs Are Honored

American tourists don’t travel to learn new things.  They want to eat hamburgers, speak English and have sex in massage parlors or with girls they meet in strip clubs.  In Ixtapa, they are happy to oblige.  The massage whores outnumber the therapists, who tend to work directly for the hotels.  If you want to know if there will be a happy ending, ask if nude with a towel is OK.  It’s a discreet way of asking if she’s going to suck you off.  If the answer is “no”, it’s just massage.  You’ll learn to read the body language in Mexico.  Mexican women use their shoulders, hands and eyes to express themselves.  Words rarely tell the story.

Easiest Sex is with Massage Girls

There are well-known massage parlors that operate as brothels.  The strip clubs have privados (private dances that can turn into blowjobs or full-service sex) or take out.  You can take a dancer out of the club if you pay a “bar fine” called a salida.  This is the most expensive route because you have the cost of the girl, the room and the salida.  It’s also arguably the best, since strippers as a group are hotter looking than massage girls.  There are a few independent escorts advertising online, plus brothels and hooker bars in the rough parts of Zihuatanejo. 

If you are not experienced, it is probably easiest to use the established massage parlors like Estetica Lobo.  But if you are outgoing and unafraid, your best experiences will be with the massage whores you meet on the beach.  You can tell them by their white nurses uniforms.  We explain in more detail on our Massage page.

U.S. Travel Advisories

If there was a dangerous spike in murders in the inner cities of Los Angeles and Oakland, the State Department would issue a warning telling you not to visit the State of California.  Cancel the trip to Disneyland, Honey.  The Crips and Bloods are at it again in East L.A. The worst part of these warnings is that eventually they start getting ignored.  Acapulco isn’t safe, outside of a few tourist resorts and daytime attractions outside the heavily guarded gates.  Acapulco and Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo are all in the state of  Guerrero.  Ixtapa is totally safe.  Zihuatanejo has bad parts of town where most tourists shouldn’t go at night.  That’s true in any U.S. city as well.