Ixtapa Is the Erotic Massage Capital of Mexico

They Live in Zihuatanejo, Work in Ixtapa

America is the only place in the world where the term “massage parlor” is associated with sex.  Canadians, Mexicans and many Europeans have legal brothels.  In the United States, if a woman says she gives massages for a living guys wonder what it would be like to cum in her mouth.  Elsewhere in the world, massage is a part of physical therapy.  But in Ixtapa, Americans rule and Mexicans drool….all over your body. 

If you get regular massages at home, you’ll be pleased at the low prices offered in Ixtapa.  In Cabo and Cancun the massage prices are high, driven up by Americans who don’t know better.  Everyone wants massage in Ixtapa because they are so affordable.  Some of us want happy endings.  

Estetica Loba

An estetica is a salon in Spanish.  Loba is the feminine of “wolf”.  In Spanish Estetica Loba means The She-Wolf Salon.  Cool name.  This may be the most famous happy ending massage parlor in Mexico.  It’s been there for years.  All the reviews are consistent. From “meh” to “adequate” and even “better than nothing”.  What follows are a few reviews.


Jimi321 damned them with faint praise.   “Visited Estectica Loba. Paid them a visit. Prices have come up a little. 500 peso for the house and 1000 peso for the girl. I’m sure I could have talked her down, but all in all, much cheaper than the clubs. Always seems safe too. The girls aren’t all that attractive, but it does the job.”

JimiXtapa said “And, if you can’t find anything else, there is of course Estectica Lobo for a massage with a happy whatever you want! “

The Best System in Ixtapa

JJ Cheeze has the best system in Ixtapa.  The first thing he teaches us is to make sure it’s going to have a happy ending.  “I won’t give any names or particular cabanas because the girls change frequently enough that it won’t benefit you anyway.When you find a girl you like, ask her “es desnuda OK? Con toalla” Is nude with a towel ok? If the answer is no, you don’t have a chance with that girl of anything other than a massage.”  Great advice, but he’s just warming up.

Go In the PM, Meeting Later

“Second,” he continues “go late in the afternoon, timed so that you will have some time alone as the only customer. You may get hints for immediate action, later today or another day. Some of the girls see people in their hotel or condo, either during the day while working or at night. If you ask for their phone number you will get it if they are willing to see you. Many girls can’t get out at night for various reasons, but will be happy to see you on their day off.”

JJ Cheeze Spots Them on the Beach

“Finally, if you are out on the beach and see a girl in her white uniform walking down the beach, she is most likely headed to or from an outcall.  Strike up a conversation about massage services and see where it goes.  This is how I met one of my favorites. It takes a little while to gain the trust of these girls, but IMHO it is worth the time investment.” 

What we like most about his approach is that it’s bold, yet respectful and sensitive.  Imagine yourself a poor Mexican girl.  Maybe she has children or other family she is supporting.  She wants to work and sometimes enjoys it, but it’s dangerous being alone with foreign men.  JJ Cheeze is probably the ideal man his massage girls dream of.