Puerto Vallarta, City of Hidden Escorts

Escorts Are Everywhere, Hidden In Plain Sight

Puerto Vallarta is the small city everyone’s heard of.  With only 275,000 people, it’s world famous for being a tourist destination with many prostitutes.  They can be hard to find if you don’t know where to look.  Puerto Vallarta has a lot of strip clubs, massage parlors and hooker bars.  While the massage parlor rarely offer a happy ending, the strip clubs and hooker bars are certain to satisfy.  Furthermore, there are streetwalkers in the historic zone and brothels right on the main highway.  Many of the girls speak English. That’s why we rank Puerto Vallarta #4 on our list of Best Escort Cities in Mexico

Online Ads Suck

Puerto Vallarta is the worst city in Mexico for online ads.  Whereas other cities have straightforward ads, almost NONE of the girls advertising in PV are independent.  These ads are placed by the agencies.  Puerto Vallarta is the most dishonest place to hire an online escort in Mexico.  There is one good agency and several dishonest ones.  You won’t be able to tell which is which from the online ads.  Normally if you can’t use the internet, you can always turn to taxi drivers.  Not in PV.  In Puerto Vallarta, the taxi drivers are notorious for knowingly delivering you to some of the worst scam artists in Mexico.

The Most Expensive Strip Clubs Are the Worst in the Country

Though we recommend the Puerto Vallarta Strip Clubs as a group, there are rip off clubs to stay away from.  You’d think that strip clubs with the most beautiful dancers and the most elegant furnishings would be highly ranked.  They are rip-off clubs.  This is where the taxi drivers want to take you.  You cannot trust the taxi drivers because they are paid large commissions by the Bad Clubs to take you there. 

Read our Beginner’s Guide to Mexican Strip Clubs.  Even if you’ve been to clubs all over the U.S. and Canada, you’ll learn how it’s different in Mexico.  Most of it is good news.  


Another scam is from the independent escorts advertising online.  Many are not in Puerto Vallarta.   They promise full service, blowjobs and anal sex, but it’s not in person.  What they want you to do is watch them masturbate via a camera from a galaxy far, far away.  They’re called cam shows.  It’s visual stimulation to help you masturbate.  We doubt you came all the way to PV for that.