Strip Clubs Between Ixtapa and Zihuatanejo

Two Strip Clubs To Try Out

We know there are two strip clubs in town, Kisses and Jaguars.  They are on the road connecting Ixtapa to Zihuatanejo, about 5 miles long.  This website is the work of one retired Gringo who has been to about half the cities we cover, but we’ve never been to Zihuatanejo.  When we haven’t got personal experience, we rely on online reports.  We can’t find any information on these clubs.  Instead of making up a bunch of bullshit, what we can do is tell you how strip clubs work in other Mexican cities.  It’s best to know the facts.  We can’t give the facts, but we know the basic Mexican strip club business model.

Forget What You Learned In The United States.

You need to go to a strip club in the U.S. with a lawyer and at least $1, 000 USD in cash to have a real party.  The lawyer should come with a tape measure to make sure you aren’t too close to the dancers.  Mexico is different.  Most of the strip clubs in Mexico operate as brothels at some level.  Every city is different.  In Tijuana, the strip club is downstairs and the brothel is upstairs.  In Mazatlan, Cabo and Monterrey, there are private rooms called privados.  You can buy girls expensive drinks (they get a commission) until you are ready for them to get naked and sex you up.

Privados Vary By City and By Club

You need to find out what the program is before you buy your first drink.  If you just want to drink a beer or two, have a guilty look and leave this isn’t necessary.  But if you are there with the intention to have sex, you need information.  At Kisses and Jaguars, there should be at least one waiter who speaks English.  Sit in his area and tip him well.  When you arrive, ask if they have privados.  If they do, ask how many different kinds.  In Cabo there are 3 levels. The first is just a private dance where you touch and kiss her tits and ass. The second is a blowjob. Third is full service. 

Privados With A Set Time

In Mazatlan, they have a crazy system of 3 songs.  You pay $300 to $500 pesos for a room the size of a closet furnished with a wooden chair.  You get three songs.  That’s about 10 minutes.  Once inside the girl will quickly give you her price, usually for a fast blowjob.  It’s a bad system.  You can’t reserve more time and you can’t extend from the room.  You have to leave and then come back.  For more information, visit our page on Mexican strip clubs.   


At most strip clubs in Mexico you can take a dancer out of the club if you pay a “bar fine” called a salida.  It’s fair.  The club is losing one of their stars and deserve to be compensated.  It can get pricey.  Strippers are expensive prostitutes.  In a city like Zihuatanejo, they are the most beautiful, the queens…the top of the food chain.  Plus, you’ll have to pay for a room and the salida to the bar.  However, if you’re like most tourists you’ll think it’s all ridiculously cheap.  $1500 pesos for the bar, $1500 pesos for the girl and $500 for a room is like $300 to $350 USD.  But the girl could very likely be the hottest girl you’ve ever had.  


There is no place safer than a Mexican strip club.  Every club has security.  These aren’t ill-tempered bikers looking to smash someone’s face in.  In reality, these are usually low key guys whose job is to make certain that paying customers like yourself have a good time, free of any harassment.  Imagine yourself as a club owner.  Wouldn’t you want YOU for a regular customer, a respectful guy just looking for a good time with money to spend?   The danger is always outside the club, especially if you are alone and drunk.  For more information, visit our Safety page.