Zihuatanejo and Ixtapa Have No Escort Services

Too Small, Too Laid Back

Escort agencies take a small percentage and do a lot of work.  The average commission is 35%.  If the hooker charges $1500 pesos, he makes $450…about $20 USD.  They need a high volume of party clients to succeed.  To make a living with an escort service, the operator has to answer the phone from late morning until late at night.  He (or she) has to keep his girls busy or they go elsewhere.  He has to have a variety of girls because customer tastes vary.  Repeat business is important, so having many girls keeps the regular customers entertained.  If he wanted bad sex with the same woman, he could just stay at home with his wife.  

Escort Services Are Illegal

Prostitution is legal in Mexico.  Being a client is also not a crime.  But collecting a percentage from the earnings of a sex worker is illegal.  Most escort service owners are legitimate.  They answer the phones, book the appointments, make sure the girls show up on time and have to deal with customer complaints.  But some operators deal in slaves.  Many are poor Central American immigrants who were tricked into coming.  Once here, they have to pay off the travel debt, plus the cost of room and board.  They cannot pay, they are essentially slaves.  In two small towns like Ixtapa and Zihuatanejo, running an illegal business is hard to keep secret.