Down and Dirty Brothels in Zihuatanejo

A Mexican Experience

Brothels in Zihuatanejo are a Mexican experience akin to bad roads.  It’s often an uncomfortable, unclean experience.  The strippers make the most money, the hotel massage therapists probably come in second, massage parlor prostitutes in third.  The lowest income earners are going to be the brothel whores.   With so many gorgeous massage beauties on the Ixtapa beaches, why go slumming at a brothel in Zihuatanejo?  The best place to meet chicks for sex is in Ixtapa on the beach.   The best place to have sex is your hotel or condo.  If you need a third location, please read about short time sex motels.  

Mexican brothels are not an experience you are likely to repeat.  The women are usually flabby and have no enthusiasm.  The floors, walls, bathrooms and beds are filthy.  While you might have other images, the reality is they are as glamorous as a gas station toilet in a bad part of town.

Low Rent by Day, Dangerous At Night

An anonymous TripAdvisor contributor says “Stay out of the area Behind Calle Jose Morelos after dark. It is Zihuatanejo’s rough area with hookers, houses of prostitution, drugs, gambling & danger. Other than that it is far safer than any U.S. city of comparable size.”  This is common throughout Mexico.  City officials tolerate prostitution, but they don’t allow them to operate openly.   They want whorehouses out of sight of decent folk.  It’s not like they are inherently bad businesses or the people working there are dishonest or violent.  The respectable women just don’t want to be reminded of their husband’s infidelity.