Cozumel Island Girls

Finding An Independent Escort 

If you know anything about island living, you know that everyone knows everyone else’s business.  It’s almost impossible for independent escorts to work in Cozumel.  If their families, friends or co-workers live on the island, everyone knows if a young lady is offering sexual services.  There are a few ads online, but they often don’t have pictures.  Island living is pricey, and normal escorts cannot afford to be there.  There is currently an escort advertising who says she is a massage therapist, but her ad says she’ll suck your dick.  Sounds like an escort to me.  The ad is on Mileroticos.

Take a Ferry to the Mainland

Depending on how much time you have, it’s often easier just to take a ferry to the mainland.  There are a LOT more girls available there.  Don’t worry about not having a place to go.  See our page on sex motels.  These are inexpensive motels set up for meeting hookers.  If you are interested in the amazing system of Mexican motels created for sexual encounters, it’s fascinating.  There’s a whole category of motels created solely for cheating husbands.  You can read about it on our Motels de Paso page.

When You Are Determined and Have Money

If you are determined to have an escort visit you at your hotel, call the Pleasure Palace.  They are located in Playa del Carmen.  They will send you a pretty young prostitute to your Cozumel hotel, but it’s going to be expensive.  Why?  You think you should just pay for the hour or two she is with you, right?  Think of it from her point of view.  She has to pay a taxi to the ferry, then pay for a ferry ticket, sit in the ferry, find another taxi, find where you are staying, THEN do the service.  Then the whole thing is reversed.  She’s not going to pay for all of that, YOU ARE.  Better if you take the ferry to PDC.