Cozumel Brothels For Men In A Hurry

There Used To Be Brothel By The Railroad Tracks

There may be brothels in Cozumel.  If you’re coming in on a cruise ship, ditch the wife, grab a taxi and ask for a recommendation.  We had reports of brothels on the edge of town, by the railroad tracks.  With more and more expansion, the first casualties are affordable housing and availability of hookers.   Once island life was simpler.  Now any enterprising person wanting to be in the brothel business has to dodge both the governmental authorities and the cartel operatives.  Both want a piece of the action.  If you quest for sex HAS to be in a brothel, only the taxi drivers will know where they are.

Check online for ads

If you’ve got internet, check Google.  Do a search for “escorts Cozumel”.  If you can’t/won’t use a translation app to communicate in Spanish (pesky Mexican whores often don’t speak English) make your search “English escorts cozumel”.

Take a Ferry to the Mainland 

The only sure thing is back on the mainland in Playa Del Carmen.  You can contact an independent escort there, or go to the Pleasure Palace.  They are listed on our massage page for PDC.