Cozumel Escort Services

Tiny Islands Don’t Have Escort Services

Islands the size of Cozumel (it has a population of about 100,000) don’t usually have escort services, much less one that speaks English.  The percentage of the population that would use a service is always small.  With everyone knowing everyone else’s business, you have conflicts.  While prostitution is legal in Mexico, profiting from the sex work of another is as illegal here as it is in the United States, Canada or Europe.  That doesn’t even factor in corrupt government officials and cartel operatives.  The danger of arrest is high.  The profit margin isn’t enough to pay off corrupt officials, much less greedy gangsters who think everyone should pay them to remain safe.

Use the Internet or Go To the Mainland

Cozumel has a good ferry system.  Why fight it?  There are simply more escort options on the mainland.  See our pages for Playa del Carmen.   Another option is to search online for “escorts cozumel”.  As of this writing there were several hookers visiting, and even one young lady who not only lives there, but has photos with her face showing.

When Money is No Object

When you have more money than patience, time or energy, you can send for a girl from the Pleasure Palace.  Their girls are normally beautiful, their service is excellent and they will provide an escort service to Cozumel.  It’s just expensive….even for someone who can afford an island vacation.   Plan on spending $1000 USD, though it could be less.  Visit our Playa Massage page for more information.