Finding Sex and Love on Cozumel

A Ferry Ride Away From Most of the Hookers

The tiny island of Cozumel is primarily a diving and snorkeling destination.  It’s rated as one of the 7 Best Dive Locations in the World, though it’s been mismanaged.  The reefs are mostly dead, compared to 30 years ago.  Tourism has taken a heavy toll.  Plus, escort sex-for-sale is not as visible here.  There used to be a few brothels, but they not even exist any longer.  The massage parlors in Cozumel are mostly therapeutic and do not offer Happy Endings.

Great Sex in PDC and Cancun

The Riviera Maya has worked hard to be a family tourist destination, and finding companions in Cozumel can be almost impossible. If you want a sexual adventure, the easiest way is in Playa del Carmen. Take the ferry. Independent escort and escort services at PDC will be happy to send a companion to Cozumel, but you will pay too much for the time and cost of the trip.  You can easily spend twice as much only on travel costs.  Take the ferry. If you are staying in Cozumel, you will not want to miss Playa del Carmen anyway.

If you go to Isla Mujeres, you can also transfer to Cancun. There are probably twice as many escorts in Cancun, and many of them speak English. Do a Google search for “escorts english cancun”.