Massage on Cozumel

A Massage Parlor May Not Be The Answer on Cozumel

 When you get off the ferry, you’ll be close to the main streets of Cozumel.  There are (or used to be) several massage parlors close to the ferry dock.  The problem is, you don’t know if they are therapeutic or erotic until you actually pay your money.  (You should ask.  Don’t be afraid of offending anyone.  Prostitution is legal in Mexico.)  Another indication is the signage.  The use of “porn purple” usually means there is a Happy Ending in your future.  If you cannot get to the mainland, ask a bilingual taxi driver for help.  Taxi drivers always know where the girls are.   

Check online for Independent Escorts

Americans have this cultural connection with sex and massage.  The rest of the world doesn’t think like that.  In Mexico, prostitution is legal.  It’s only in places like Cancun, Cozumel or Cabo with horny, crazy Gringos that they bother with Happy Ending Massage Parlors in Mexico.  You will probably find a girl online.  Do a Google search for “escorts english cozumel”.   If you can speak Spanish or can use something like Google Translate, just search “escorts cozumel”.   Even if the ad says “English Spoken” you’ll be wise to have a translation app handy on your phone.  Use Whatsapp to communicate with your happy island whore.