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Our married friends D&T from San Diego wrote about the Copa Cabana Strip Club.  "We went to the Copa Cabana strip club a couple nights ago. There were several dancers rotating through and all somewhat attractive. One really got my attention. They had no cover charge and also offer buckets of ten full size beers for only $20 US. They have rooms available in the back.  We are going back tonight if you are interested in more."  Hell, yeah.  Don't keep us in suspense! Nothing is sexier than table dances where the dancer is flirting with the wife and husband, both.  We can only imagine what the privados are like!  Did you and your wife take a girl or two back to your hotel? 


One of the best know strip clubs in Zihuatanejo is Kisses.  Robot shares every hobbyist's "dream evening" in a cityxguide forum story.  "Heard there were a couple of "Show Bars" in town, but only made it to one - Kisses. This is in the north end of Zihua, on the west side of the road to Ixtapa - three story purple building, hard to miss. Cover charge was 80$ (pesos - about $8US). Interesting setup with the stage area on the first level surrounded by tables, and a VIP area and the girls "dressing area" on a mezzanine above on the second level - all completely visible from the seats below. There is also a glassed in shower stall next to where the girls change their outfits - they allow guys to bid on soaping down the girls after they dance. I saw at least one guy get naked and get in the shower with the girl for some soapy frolic. Saturday, there were about 8-12 girls working. Quality ranged from 5-8/9. Seems most of the girls rotate in from Acapulco.  I hooked up with Diana the first night - a cutie from Acapulco. Had some trouble negotiating the bar fine to leave with her (finally settled at 400$ pesos) and she wanted another 800$ for the night. Finally got her out of there and we headed to my hotel in Ixtapa. No problem getting her in there (that night anyway), and we had an excellent night. She was quite open and seemed into it - plenty of DFK, nice BBBJ, and plenty of other stuff. She left about 9:00AM the next day."  Nicely done, Robot.  You charmed the girl, negotiated her release, got her into your hotel and obviously make a personal connection....all for $1,200 plus whatever you spent at Kisses.  Robot did well.  (I hope you tipped.) Nights like this make up for the ones where not everything goes right. 

Speedstick (great name) writes on cityxguide"All of the strip clubs are on the main road as you come from Ixtapa and are right as you enter Zihuatanejo on both sides of the road."  Some of the signs are listed in the lower photo, taken from an excellent dorky local website

A new forum report from Pookie, who must have worried he was paying by the word.  C'mon, man.  How many of us get to Zihuantanejo?  Write back and tell us everything!  "no action in Ixtapa.....may have seen a SWor2. zihua - jaguars & kisses. your combo strip bar and whorehouse.  lap dances $20 touching is aok.  back room - depends $100+ ".  To translate, Pookie says he thinks he may have seen a "SW" (streetwalker) in Ixtapa.  It's hard to tell in Mexico, so many women dress so sexy.

Pookie sez the action in Ixtapa is mainly in Zihuantanejo, particularly at the two largest strip clubs, Jaguars & Kisses. You first select girls to dance for you.  They want you to touch and get aroused.  The money isn't in dancing for you.  They have rooms in the back, where you can expect to pay at least $100 depending on what you want.  Blowjobs are always cheapest.  (Use the words Chupa or Mamar.)  Sometimes you can have vaginal sex (cohair is the Spanish word you want.)  If you want anal (spelled the same, but pronounced "AH-nahl"), expect to pay a premium if you can find a girl who'll take it that way.  It's not normally something Mexican girls will even consider.  With your everyday puta, even asking for it may ruin the party.  She may be working her way through college, saving for a house or car, or otherwise be a normal girl who is just doing this work for a short time.  To a girl like this, anal is considered sick and abusive. 

Pookie also talks in American dollars.  You want to use pesos.  Mexicans are poor, and they calculate the profit on every transaction.  With the exchange rate bouncing around 12 pesos for every dollar, you're giving away a lot of money to use dollars.  The exchange they give you is 10 pesos to the dollar.  You're leaving 20% on the table.  If you're that rich, congrats.  Any bank will do the exchange for you.  They're better than the casas de cambio (literally "houses of exchange".)