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Forum reports seem to confirm 3 strip clubs in Oaxaca.  None say where they are, but Oaxaca isn't that large.  What's really cool is the prices; low, low, low = no cover, low costs for drinks and low cost for sex.  This is the heart of Mexico.  Chances are, you'll not see another Gringo all night. 


A word about safety in Oaxaca.  This is becoming a disputed turf for rival cartels.  This means that there are too many gangsters, and not enough pesos to go around.  Their wars are expanding to include extortion, robbery and kidnapping.  These are not the sophisticated gangsters from the movies.  These are peasants with 3rd grade educations who have survived by violence and association with other bad guys who are as nasty as they are.  Where do these guys go to relax?  Strip clubs.  Mexicans assume all Gringos are rich and weak, which is a prejudice not far from the truth.  Be very careful mongering in Oaxaca. 


Daniel Poone wrote to us in July, 2017 "There are some places if ya wanna update your blog. https://twitter.com/baraimasbar?lang=en  Is a high end strip club. The ladies are high end. Prepare to bring us money. Dollars. Not pesos. 120 dollars for a high class lady. There another strip club near oxxo on Las Casa. It is low end. The strip clubs are money sucking machines. There this market near Periférico where most of the street walkers are. I don't do street girls so no in depth detail.  Theres this bar on Diaz Ordaz. Its a hooker joint. There were some low end girls.  There this bar named King Kong. It is in a village near the city. The village name ?  Tlacolula. 200 for straight up sex. Learn decent spainish or things might get awkward. Or dangerous
I assume you already know this
."  Thanks Daniel.  Your experience is appreciated, especially the part about learning Spanish.  Any monger in Mexico should speak as much Spanish as possible.  A monger in Mexico will not only save money, it could save you from getting beaten or robbed. 


Prince Vegeta (what a name) suggests three Oaxaca strip clubs on Massage Planet website, El Extasis, El Retorno, and La Rana.   Bundok concurs about the three strip clubs in Oaxaca in a post on City X Guide, with some great information about the low prices. " There is no cover; beers are 30-35 Pesos, though it's cheaper and wiser to get a pail (cubeta) of 6 beeers; dancer beers are 50 Pesos (unless the dancer asks for a real beer, which is uncommon); privados are 100 Pesos; sexo is 500 Pesos or US $50, and even that is negotiable." Compare that with a recent quote for a simple BJ in Cabo San Lucas for US $250!"


A Canadian visitor writes in a non-sex blog "Simon finally got a table dance from a blonde girl who ended up playing around with both of us at the same time. His shirt ended up coming off at one point and I really have to hand it to this girl for being so creative in pleasing two men at the same time. Of course I guess she gets some practice in this biz...
Private dances cost 120 pesos and last for one song and you go to another section of the bar that has a row of small booths. I had two during the night and made the mistake of starting one halfway through a song without realizing how the time is measured."  Oaxacan strip clubs sound amazing.  Pretty girls, friendly, personal service and none of the intimidation you might run into in other cities.