Pretty Putas, Low Prices in Puebla

Beautiful Bargains Abound in Puebla

See enough escort ads, and you’ll get good at spotting the false photos.  They look too professional, and there are usually only one or two.  In Puebla, the escort ads have multiple selfie photos.  There is a wide variety of ages, from (possibly less than) 18 year old students to well-preserved MILFs in their 40’s.  The amazing thing are the prices.  They start at $300 pesos (usually for 20 minutes or half an hour) and rarely go over $1000.  $900 is a typical two hour price.  To convert that to U.S. dollars, that’s $15 for a short visit, with a typical 2 hour price being $45 USD.  If you like threesomes, you can enjoy two hot bisexual chicas for the price of a one hour date with one girl in the DF.   

No English Speaking Escorts? No Problem!

You can search for “escort English Puebla” and the few ads will probably be months old.  In every city in Mexico, a website called Mileroticos is number 1 ranked in Google for escort related searches. In Puebla, over 95% of the girls available on Mileroticos only speak Spanish.  Cheer up!  We have a page that provides detailed instructions on making a date with an escort who only speaks Spanish.  If you don’t speak Spanish and want to contact an escort, you’ll need three things.  Your phone will need a translation app so you can create messages in English and convert them to Spanish.  Then you’ll need Whatsapp on your phone.  Finally, you’ll need patience.   The benefits to learning this new system are paying less than half for better service and more choices.