Pretty Putas, Low Prices in Puebla

Other Cities Are Wired For Erotic Massage

Puebla is not Playa del Carmen, where massage whores line 5th Avenue competing for your erotic massage business.  This is a town where independent escorts and strip club dancers compete for your favor.  But if the sexual ritual you have in mind involves oily hands on your back, you still have many options.  Milerticos is the free website where Mexican whores advertise.  In Puebla, they are gorgeous and inexpensive.   The link is for the Milerotics escorts who do massage.  (The Spanish word is masaje.)  

Using Mileroticos

Puebla is not the only city where Mileroticos comes in handy.  The only problem for most Americans is the girls hardly ever speak English.  You can work around that with a little effort.  It’s worth the time.  “Spanish only” escorts cost 1/2 to 1/4 what girls who know a little English charge.  It’s not that hard to work around once you get set up to communicate with escorts who only speak Spanish.  You’ll first need a translation app on your phone.  Then, you have to have Whatsapp.  Chose a girl from Mileroticos and send her a Whatsapp message you created in English and then translated.  Keep the message simple.  It’s usually best to say you’d like her to come (no pun intended) in a few hours.  Promise her 2 hours and that you’ll pay her taxi.  With a Spanish only escort in Puebla, the combined cost shouldn’t exceed $70 USD.