Puebla Has Seven Good Strip Clubs

High End To Mid-Range.  Nothing Raunchy

We’ve never been to Puebla, and the information online about strip clubs is always sketchy.  Reviews and ratings don’t always tell the story.   Several strip club websites had not been updated in 10 to 15 years.  We used Google and WikiSexGuide as the most reliable sources of information.  You can get laid inside most of the clubs.  Prices range from $3000 pesos to $4,600 for full service sex in a room inside the club.  Most clubs don’t charge a cover.  Drink prices for clients range from $60 pesos to $120 pesos.  Drinks for dancers start at $130 and go to $300.   The least expensive strip clubs in Mexico are in Mazatlan, but they don’t come close to the quality offered in Puebla.

Rating Strip Clubs Is Like Rating Friends 

Unless they try to cheat you on your tab or drug your drinks, who’s to say what strip club experience is best?  One guy might go once a year to entertain important clients.  He wants elegance, good food, perfect women and attentive, well-dressed waiters.  Another gentleman might want to go every week.  Everything doesn’t need to be perfect, just fun and affordable.  The waiters at a mid level club might treat him like gold and the dancers might fight over him for the right to drain his bodily fluids in private.  Is one right and the other wrong?  How do you say one friend is better than another?  Don’t you love all your friends for different reasons?

High End, Highly Rated

40 Grados Men’s Club has the reputation for getting a lot of things right.  It’s a large club with 25 gorgeous dancers to keep the gentlemen entertained.   They have consistently high ratings for good food and service.  The photos inside the club look elegant.  Their prices are on the upper end, as you’d expect for one of the best.

Best Value; Bikinis 

It’s clean, basic and full of affordable fun.  They have the most girls of any strip club in Puebla, with 50 dancers. Is your idea of a good strip club the one with cheap drinks and the most hot girls available to reasonable prices?  Look no further than Bikinis. They have the least expensive strip club drinks in town, and while the high end places charge nearly $5000 for 60 minutes in a private room, you can get less elegance for $3000 at Bikinis.

Top 5 Clubs As Rated by Google Reviewers

Bikinis  Google Rating  4.2   Cheap drinks and maybe 50 sexy girls.  Cover: none. Your drinks: 60. Girl Drinks: 200. Sex: 3000/60. On site: yes.
Royal Mens Club  Google Rating 4.2    About 20 hot girls. But expensive. Cover: 200 Your drinks: 126. Girl Drinks: 290. Sex: 4600/30.
Lacoss Night Club Google Rating 4.0  15 hot girls. Cover: none. Your drinks: 70. Girl Drinks: 150. Sex: 3000/60. On site: yes
DKCH Men’s Club Google Rating 3.9  Very small club, but 15 beautiful girls. Cover: none. Your drinks: 120. Girl Drinks: 225. Sex: 3440/60. On site: yes.
40 Grados Men’s Club  Google Rating 3.9   “El mejor lugar exponente de table dance en la ciudad de Puebla.” About 25 good looking girls. Cover: none. Your Drinks: 130. Girl Drinks: 230. Sex: 4200/60. On site: yes.

Clubs #6 – 10 As Rated By Google Reviewers

XS Puebla Google Rating 3.9

Mamitas Men’s Club Google Rating 3.7 Over 30 hot girls and friendly staff. Cover: 200 (towards for final bill). Your drinks: 120. Girl Drinks: 210. Sex: 4500/60. On site: yes.

Opss Mens Club Puebla 3.7 Very nice club with many hot girls. Cover: none. Your drinks: 110. Girl Drinks: 225. Sex: 4600/30.

Madelein Night Club Google Rating 3.6  20 sexy girls and nice club. Cover: none. Your drinks: 85. Girl Drinks: 130. Sex: 

Men’s Club Versalles Google Rating 3.2

Forgive Us If We Got It Wrong

Remember, we’ve never been to Puebla. We could be all wrong. Did we miss any?  Did any change names?  If you have personal experience you can share, write to us at webmaster@escortsofmexico.com.