Finding Independent Escorts in Puebla

Exotic Escorts With European Heritage

You have to be a little careful in Puebla.  They have strip clubs, brothels, massage and plenty of escorts, but hiring a prostitute off the street is illegal.  Durango and Chihuahua are two other Mexican towns that make it hard to hire a puta.  Puebla just wants their hookers off the street. We have two local guys who have posted forum reports.  For about 100 years immigration from Europe was encouraged and people from Spain, Italy, Germany, and France came to live in Puebla. French architecture is everywhere.  It’s a pretty town, and the women can be exotic.  The Europeans bred with other Europeans, so there is less of the squat, round bodies and flat faces associated with the original Indians in the gene pool

A Nice Place To Work And Live

Puebla is the capital city of the State of Puebla (New York, New York) and fourth largest city in all of Mexico.  Volkswagen has a huge factory nearby, and there are many manufacturing plants to make Volkswagen parts.  Mexico City is an hour and a half to the northwest, and Veracruz is 3 hours to the northeast.  Puebla is a manufacturing and distribution hub.  There’s lots of good schools at all levels.  Puebla doesn’t have drug problems, and is as free of crime as a city of 1,600,000 can be.  It feels safer and slower than Mexico City.  They do have an active volcano outside town.  In June of 2011, the Popocatepetl volcano erupted.  There were plumes of ash, no injuries.   

No Red Zone

Cities like Tijuana are associated with red zones.  Monterrey also has a tolerance zone.  Puebla is more conservative.  While it has 7 strip clubs, there are no areas with erotic massage and legal brothels.  There are no large, well-run escort agencies either.  Puebla likes to have its escorts confined to online marketing and the strip clubs.  The manufacturing plants are a boon to business.  When you have Mexican businessmen, you are going to have strip clubs for entertainment.