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If you know anything about island living, you know that everyone knows everyone else's business.  It's almost impossible for independent escorts to work in Cozumel.  If their families, friends or co-workers live on the island, everyone knows if a young lady is offering sexual services.  There are a few ads online, but they don't have pictures.  Island living is pricey, and normal escorts cannot afford to be there. 


If you are determined to have an escort visit you at your hotel, call the Pleasure Palace.  They are located in Playa del Carmen.  A few of their escort ads are listed below, for your convenience.  They will send you a pretty young prostitute to your Cozumel hotel, but it's going to be expensive.  Why?  You think you should just pay for the hour or two she is with you, right?  Think of it from her point of view.  She has to pay a taxi, pay for a ferry ticket, sit in ferry, find another taxi, find where you are staying, THEN do the service.  Then the whole thing is reversed.  She's not going to pay for all of that, YOU ARE.  Better if you take the ferry to PDC, then have their driver pick you up and take you to their luxurious facility, a converted hotel, with jacuzzis in almost every room. You will have up to 30 beautiful escorts to choose from.  Forget the island problems, and come to PDC.

Sara - Barely Legal Slutty Lolita

Just 18 Years Old


You can see it in her eyes.  Sara is petite (just 90 pounds) and still has pieces of her 18th birthday cake in the freezer.  But make no mistake.  She's a nasty little whore.  There might be some romance in her somewhere, but Sara doesn't make love.  Forgive the language, but she fucks.  Take a shower or hot tub with her, it doesn't matter.  Sex with Sara is a dirty experience.  She snarls and drives you deep inside her.  If you are looking for a girlfriend experience, keep looking. If you want it hot, hard and nasty, Sara is your girl.   Chat live with Wendy.


Toll Free: +1-888-364-7512 Local: +52-984-980-0497
WhatsApp: +52-1-984-169-2489

Diana - Petite, Shy, Obedient and Romantic

Bisexual; Loves Threesomes;  Service to Men and Couples


Diana is and escort from Veracruz visiting Playa del Carmen, but she could be the Girl Next Door. She is barely legal, though you would not believe she was over 18 to meet her.  She weighs 100 pounds, and normally doesn't drink.  She looks and acts like a shy, high school freshman whose body is just beginning to change.  Diana does well with older gentlemen who like to take their time.  Once she's warmed up, she holds nothing back.  Treat Diana like a guilty pleasure, a girl who willingly enjoys a forbidden violation of young body.  For a special treat, ask her to be on top.  Diana is light as a feather, and happy to thrust her young hips until you explode.Live chat with Diana.


Toll Free: +1-888-364-7512 Local: +52-984-980-0497
WhatsApp: +52-1-984-169-2489

Mariana - Tall and Leggy and Very Bisexual

Loves Threesomes;  Service to Men and Couples


Mariana is 5'7" tall without high heels.  Her thick sun-bleached hair speaks to her healthy, outdoor lifestyle.  Her favorite thing is threesome sex with couples.  She loves the dynamic of being with two people both paying attention to her, pleasing one, then the other.  Grab a handful of her thick hair and force her down.  Mariana doesn't mind, especially if there is another girl there to please.  She is from Columbia, (another Columbian with a perfect ass) and working as a PDC escort for the tourist season.  Speak with Mariana via live chat


Toll Free: +1-888-364-7512 Local: +52-984-980-0497
WhatsApp: +52-1-984-169-2489


Pamela - 60-40 Lesbian


If you like threesomes, you know that the success hinges on the chemistry between the women.  If you are a couple, or a guy looking for a threesome, consider Pamela.  For one thing, she speaks fluent English.  For two, Pamela loves women just a little more than she does men.  Let her please your wife while you have sex with her.  Or let her tell the other girl what to do in fluent Spanish while she pleases you both.  You can enjoy Pamela by herself of course.  She's tender, sensual, curious and very oral, with both men and women.   Chat live with Pamela.


Toll Free: +1-888-364-7512 Local: +52-984-980-0497
WhatsApp: +52-1-984-169-2489


Note:  Almost all the girls operate from cell phones.  This link is to excellent instructions on how to place calls to Mexican phone numbers.  Usually, you just dial 044 first then her 10 digit number.  That's if you are already in Mexico, and the girl is local.  If the number is still a cell phone but it's a number from a different city, you dial 045 first.  (If all the ad numbers begin with "984", and her number starts "322", you can figure she's visiting.)  There are other numbers you have to dial first if you're calling from the United States, calling land lines within Mexico, etc.  Just click the link above.  It's just a few extra numbers, and the calls won't cost you much.  These women cost a fraction of what a comparable would cost in the U.S. 



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