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The tiny island of Cozumel is primarily a diving and snorkeling destination.  It's rated as one of the 7 Best Dive Locations in the World, though it's been mismanaged.  The reefs are mostly dead, compared to 30 years ago.  Tourism has taken a heavy toll.  Plus, sex-for-sale is not as visible here.  There used to be a few brothels, but they not even exist any longer.  The massage parlors in Cozumel are mostly legitimate, and do not offer Happy Endings.


The Mayan Riviera has worked hard to be a family tourist destination, and finding escorts in Cozumel can be next to impossible.  If you want a sexual adventure, contact the Pleasure Palace in Playa del Carmen.  Take the ferry, and their driver will meet you and take you to their facility.  They would be happy to send you an escort, but you will pay for the time and cost of travel.  You can easily spend double just in travel costs.  Take the ferry.  Their car will meet you.  The facilities are nice, but you won't notice them.  The escorts come from all over the world, and they are SPECTACULAR.  If you're staying on Cozumel, you won't want to miss Playa del Carmen anyway.  Just plan on visiting the Pleasure Palace while you're there. 

Luna -   Service to Men and Couples

Bisexual; Loves Threesomes;


Luna is a dance instructor, specializing in Latina styles; salsa, rumba, tango and even a few of her own invention.  Luna's problem as an instructor is her big 36D cup breasts.  Guys look at them jiggling and bouncing, and don't learn anything.  They just get hard.  That won't be a problem when you are alone with Luna.  Have her dance for you.  When you get excited, she'll do naughty things to take care of your problem!   Chat live with Luna.


Toll Free: +1-888-364-7512 Local: +52-984-980-0497
WhatsApp: +52-1-984-169-2489

Salome - Complete Menu GFE, BBBJ-CIM, Anal Sex

Bisexual; Loves Threesomes;  Service to Men and Couples


"Please tell them to reserve more than an hour", pouted Salome in Spanish.  When we asked why, she said she wasn't getting enough sex.  She explained that her oral skills are so good that every guy ends up cuming in her mouth.  Many times, the orgasm is so intense they don't have time to recover.  They get dressed, tip her and leave.  "Necesito mas sexo." (I need more sex.)  So you've been told.  Take two hours.  Cum in her mouth, her pussy and in her ass.  She has anal orgasm.  Bring your girlfriend or ask for one of hers.  She is a bisexual hooker and she'll do you both.       Speak with Salome via live chat.


Toll Free: +1-888-364-7512 Local: +52-984-980-0497
WhatsApp: +52-1-984-169-2489

Stephanie - Columbian Hooker Likes Anal

Men and Couples; Bisexual, Enjoys Threesomes


Stephanie is a free spirit, a modern day free love hippie who likes anal sex, group sex, threesome sex, oral sex....get the picture?  She seduced the photographer during this photo shoot.  While she rubbed herself, spread herself and offered kisses the poor married cameraman finally gave her what she wanted.  We can't publish the good ones.  If you enjoy a girl who enjoys sex as much (or more) than you do, give Stephanie from Columbia a try.    Have a live chat with Stephanie. 


Toll Free: +1-888-364-7512 Local: +52-984-980-0497
WhatsApp: +52-1-984-169-2489


Alexa - Busty and Kinky

BDSM, Some Fetishes, Threesomes


Alexa is the kinkiest girl on this page.  She likes normal dates with gentlemen and couples.  She also likes bondage and discipline and some fetishes.  Speak openly with the operator is you have an itch that not every escort in Playa de Carmen is willing to scratch.  Chances are, they will recommend Alexa.  Her pendulous breasts are also perfect for sex, Russian style.  Push her up against the side of the pool, put a little lube between those DDs and you can spill all over her breasts.  Save a little for later.  You'll want to enjoy Alexa more than once.   Live Chat with Alexa   


Toll Free: +1-888-364-7512 Local: +52-984-980-0497
WhatsApp: +52-1-984-169-2489