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Finding Sex in Cozumel



The tiny island of Cozumel is primarily a diving and snorkeling destination.  It's rated as one of the 7 Best Dive Locations in the World. Cozumel may be tiny, but they know how to take care of travelers.  It's just that sex-for-sale is not as visible here.  When wifey invests a quarter million dollars in a second home, or gets off the ferry for a month long stay, she doesn't want to think about hubbie out at night getting blowjobs at the strip club.  There used to be a few brothels, but they not even exist any longer.  The massage parlors in Cozumel are mostly legitimate, and do not offer Happy Endings.


The Mayan Riviera has worked hard to be a family tourist destination, and finding escorts in Cozumel can be next to impossible.  If you want a sexual adventure, contact the Pleasure Palace in Playa del Carmen.  Take the ferry, and their driver will meet you and take you to their facility.  They would be happy to send you an escort, but you will pay for the time and cost of travel.  If you're staying on Cozumel, you won't want to miss Playa del Carmen anyway.  Just plan on visiting the Pleasure Palace while you're there.  Along with the cost savings, you can also see their abundant selection of beauties from all over Latin America.

Ambar - GFE, Lesbian Shows and Threesomes


Ambar is from Veracruz, where the weather is hot and the women are hotter.  This little bisexual beauty loves a good threesome.  She particularly enjoys a lesbian show.  Is your girl bi-curious?  Let Ambar show her how oral sex from a woman is much better than from a man.  Of course, this blonde Latina beauty would love to meet you for a little one-on-one action.  She loves to have her breasts nibbled, her mouth kissed, and her sex doggy style.  See her VIP page for more photos and details, or contact Ambar directly.


Int'l Cell Phone:  +52-984-873-2116   Local PDC:  873-2116

From USA:  1-888-266-6952

Vicky - GFE, Huge Round Bottom


Vicky is a sweet girl.  She's soft, feminine, quiet and a little shy.....until you get her alone.  Then her clothes come off and she becomes a very willing lover. Men pay attention most of all to that big round bottom of hers.  She doesn't mind a bit.  She gets along very well with self-assured, aggressive men who know what they want.  She's a follower, not a leader, but never passive.  If you like your girls with big breasts and a big round ass, you'll be very happy with Vicky. Visit her VIP page for more photos and info. Chat Live with Vicky


Int'l Cell Phone:  +52-984-873-2116   Local PDC:  873-2116

From USA:  1-888-266-6952

Daniela - GFE For Gentlemen Only


Daniela is from Brazil, and even though she weighs less than 100 pounds, as you can see from her photos she has the beautiful behind that Brazilians are known for. Daniela is a high-energy girl with an infectious laugh.  For all her photos as well as more info, visit Daniela's VIP page, or contact Daniela directly.   


Int'l Cell Phone:  +52-984-873-2116   Local PDC:  873-2116

From USA:  1-888-266-6952