Are Chihuahua Hookers Dogs?

Finding English Speaking Escorts

Chihuahua hookers are not really dogs.  It’s just a play on the city name.  Mexican escorts love their rat dogs, and Mexican men love their putas.  But prostitutes and streetwalkers can be hard to find the city of Chihuahua,  especially escorts who speak English.  The recommended option seems to be finding an individual hooker, either off the Chihuahua streets, from an escort service or through an ad.  The complaint about the services is that they are expensive.  ($250 to $350 for two hours full service.) It’s better than nearby Nogales or Juarez, where cartels have made the border unsafe.

Streetwalkers Are Dogs.  Use Online Ads.

There are apparently a couple streets where SW hookers hang out, but according to forum postings they’re all ugly, 4 -6 on a 10 scale.  The best streetwalking scenes are in Tijuana and Mexico City.  There are a lot of “massage” ads on the free services, as well as at least one happy ending massage parlor .There are no brothels, unless you can find one through a taxi driver.  The free ads are usually the last place we’d go.  In Chihuahua, they’re the first.  

A lot of escort chicas advertising online are gorgeous.  They sound like they’re new and having fun.  If you’ve ever had the good fortune to meet a Mexican girl who’s new as a sex worker, welcome to the rodeo.  They buck good, and the only sex they’ve ever known is GFE.