Escort Agencies in TJ Provide Security

Convenience and Low Prices

What do you normally pay for an escort?  $200 USD? $300? More?  In Tijuana, competition keeps prices low.  You can get a beautiful young girl for as little as $100 though an escort service.  They all speak English, at least a few words.  They all can recommend hotels and motels, from cheap rooms you rent for 4 hours to nice places you’ll feel comfortable in.  If you rent a girl for multiple hours, Tijuana escort services sometimes even meet you at the border with the girl in the car and take you directly to your hotel.  You won’t believe how much service and quality you will receive for so little money.

Low Cost Insurance

Do you buy car insurance?  Health insurance?  Homeowners insurance?  When you deal with a Tijuana escort service, it’s like purchasing insurance .  Of course you can buy 3 street whores for the price of one girl through an agency.  But don’t forget what you receive.  They will send you the girl you agreed upon, with no false photos.  The girl will arrive on time…more or less.  (This is Mexico.  Mexican girls are always late.)  An agency girl won’t rob you.  If you ordered a girl who does special services (anal, DFK) that’s what you’ll receive.  You can spend hours searching ads and making calls, trying to speak Spanish.  With an agency, one call in English should only take minutes.

Adult Baja

The most reasonably priced escort agency serves Tijuana, but also will send girls to Rosarito Beach and Ensenada.  (Some restrictions apply.)  They’ve got a website at and a nice mix of slender teens and busty milfs.  All of the girls kiss.  Almost of them enjoy threesomes, which are reasonable priced.  Many of the girls include BBBJ in their normal service.  Over half want you to cum in their mouth and about a third enjoy anal sex.  The owner, Sonia, is a former escort and speaks English.  She’s owned her service for over 10 years.   

Other Tijuana Escort Services

They tend to come and go.  CumInTJ was once a player, but their website is down and there is no information online.  We miss you, Mundo!  (Mundo was the owner.  He was showing signs of burnout in 2014.)Another popular agency is Mexico Lindo Bar.  They had legal troubles and were shut down for several years but have reopened.  A new player is called Queens TJ.  We don’t know much about them, but they are well positioned in Google.  We hope the “Queens” are like royal females, and not drag queens.  

The owner of Adult Baja, Sonia, tells us there is a price war between the agencies.  The going rate is often $80 USD where it used to be $120.  Bad for business owners.  Good for those of us who are clients.