Quality Not Quantity


The customers are endless and so are the prostitutes.  A good looking girl in TJ working at one of the strip clubs can easily do 6 clients in a shift.  That’s $400 to $500 USD a day gross, depending on the split with the house.  For many working Mexicans, that’s three months salary.  Why would a girl work as an independent escort?  There are several reasons, and not all of them are good.  Older gals aren’t popular in clubs or on the streets, but can still get business with a good ad.  Girls with bad bodies or ugly faces can hide or use false photos.  You have to be careful in Tijuana with independent escorts you order off the internet.

Beautiful Girls Who Offer Quality

Some escorts work independently for all the right reasons.  They don’t want to have sex 6 times a day with 6 different men.  Many girls enjoy giving a girlfriend experience and having relaxed sex once or twice a day.  Many enjoy sex more when they can kiss with tongue.  Street whores don’t suck cock without a condom.  Independent escorts often do, and prefer it.  If you select correctly, you can find hookers who like sex the way you do.  But since many of the ads are written in Spanish, selecting the right escort can be a challenge.

Where To Find Independent Escorts

In Mexico, the most popular escort website is Mileroticos.   The girls can advertise for free (with paid options) and it’s where Mexican girls find Spanish speaking clients.  They usually have more ads than all the other sites combined.  Except for the few ads that say “English Spoken” they are all in Spanish.  But don’t lose heart.  We take you step by step through the process of making a date with Mexican whores when you only speak English.   That’s why God invented Whatsapp!


We’ll put streetwalkers on the “independent escorts” page, even though most of them are firmly under the thumb of a pimp.  There are some good reasons to hire a street whore.  You can see what they look like. The price runs from $20 to $40 USD, plus the room.  Many of the girls stand directly in front of the hotel.  If you are into underage girls, this is where you’ll find them.  The strip clubs and escort services won’t hire them for the same reason you shouldn’t.  While prostitution is legal, underage hookers aren’t.  You probably won’t get caught.  If you get caught, you should be able to bribe your way out of the situation.  BUT….you could also go to a Mexican prison.  

Penalties For Sex With Underage Girls

The same corrupt Tijuana cops who will rob you for no reason will hit the jackpot busting you for a real crime.  Make no mistake, the age of consent is 18.  Figure $10,000 USD minimum to get out of this.  You’ll pay more if you can afford it. Normally in Mexico if the girl is 16 and it’s consensual, it’s not considered a crime.  But this has nothing to do with fairness, legality or morality.  This will be a corrupt cop in a corrupt system.  Everyone will be looking for a payday.  The judge, the arresting officer and his superior will all want a cut.  The little morsel herself may even get a taste.