TJ Brothels Are Attached Hotels

You Pick The Girl In The Strip Club

It’s a cool system.  First, you go to the strip club.  There are many to choose from.  Have a drink (or two or three) and watch the dancers.  Pick one.  You can buy her an expensive drink or not, as you choose.  Then you leave the club with your girl.  Once outside, you immediately enter the brothel hotel.  Most strip clubs in Mexico have privado rooms, closet sized enclosures with a chair or a couch.  There the girl will dance in a way she won’t on the public floor, or she’ll give you a blowjob.  You might even get full service.  In Tijuana, it’s a better system.  

The Mexican Prostitution Laws

Prostitution is legal in Mexico.  Only two things are forbidden by national law.  One is streetwalking, which Tijuana allows simply by not enforcing the national law.  The other prohibited activity is profiting directly from a prostitutes earning.  Mexico has a problem with sexual slavery, and this law is the federal governments answer.  In TJ, almost every strip club is attached to a hotel.  There are two separate entrances.  The club makes it’s money on alcohol and table dances.  The hotel makes its money on the rooms.

What Happens in the Brothel Hotel?

You enter the hotel from the street and walk upstairs.  The brothel is always on the second floor.  The room costs are different, but $15 USD for a half hour is common.   You rent the room yourself while your escort dancer waits.  You are given a key, but the hooker usually grabs it from you.  Each hotel has Weasel Men, greasy little bellhop beggars who try to lead you to your room.  Your hooker knows where it is.  The Weasel Men do nothing useful, but plead for tips.  Inside the room, you pay $50 to $80.  It’s rare there are options.  These girls don’t usually offer GFE, BBBJ-CIM or anal.  They did all the flirting you will get inside the club. 

Leaving the Hotel

You’ll be asked for two or three things on the way out.  Your escort may ask for a tip.  If she did something more than lay there (standard brothel whore performance) pay her $5 to $20 USD additional.  She’ll also ask you for $5 for the cleaning lady.  This is a real cost.  The cleaning staff is unpaid, except for this fee.  If you don’t pay, your girl will have to.  Then, of course, Greasy Weasel Man will be waiting to grovel for tips.  Nothing slows your roll more after a hot fuck with a fantasy sex princess than some whiny bitch man begging for $5 for doing nothing.  Pay him or don’t.  Your choice.  

Was It Worth It?

It depends on what you like from a sexual encounter.  If you are happy penetrating a beautiful body wham bam thank you m’am without foreplay, kissing or sexual interaction, Tijuana strip club/ brothel sex will be like heaven.  These girls are gorgeous.  Depending on your physical and financial stamina, you can bang different hot chicks all night long.  But if you like touching, kissing, oral foreplay and eye contact while you are inside, you will be better off with a girl from an escort service.  There’s no right or wrong.  The cool things about sex in Tijuana is that whatever you like, it’s available.  

One option we’ve never tried is renting a room in one of the hotels attached to the major clubs.  Many of them have nice rooms to deluxe suites that are available for an entire night, or even several days.