There is Probably a Brothel Somewhere in Colima

If you are looking for a brothel in Colima, they are not obvious.  Even if you speak Spanish, you’ll need the help of someone local.  Fortunately, the best help is easy to find.  Get with a young taxi driver. Colima is not a tourist destination, and the city has very few English speaking visitors. So your taxi driver will probably speak only Spanish. The phrase you want is “casa de citas”, literally “house of dates”. In most cities, the whorehouses are in the worst areas. Makes sense, right? This means that you’re going to get into a taxi with someone you don’t know, leave the brightly lit main streets and go bumpty bump onto dark roads in bad neighborhoods. Use common sense. Don’t go alone. Don’t go drunk or high. Stay alert and be aware of the dangers involved in being a foreigner looking for brothel escorts in a bad part of town. It’s safer and easier to have an escort come visit you at your hotel.