Strip Clubs Under Open Air Tents

Crazy Blowjobs Under the Stars

There are several strip clubs in Colima. The girls are not the prettiest, but you’ll never have another strip club experience like this in your life.  They are your typical rural Mexican clubs, except they are under huge tents. You’ll need to speak Spanish, but if you can say “club de tabol” your taxi driver will probably get you there. 

Middle-aged whores hustle drinks at $100 pesos each. (Your beer costs $35 pesos.)  The are often set up on unpaved lots at the edge of the city, surrounded by trees. They are primitive, (both the girls and the clubs) and a unique adventure.

Married Amateur Stripper Adventures

The cool things about these clubs is that sometimes you get a young, innocent housewife who would consider it an honor to suck the dick of an English speaking gentleman.  You’ll think you’ve gone to heaven with a semi-pro teen escort who eagerly swallows your load.  It’s fun knowing she will crawl into bed with her husband at dawn with the taste of your cum in her mouth. If you speak a few words of Spanish and are unafraid of being around large groups of drunk Mexicans, it might be fun. If not, better to contact an independent escort from Mileroticos.