Colima: Small City Escort Services

A Strange City For Escort Services

For years, padrotes (Mexican men who set appointments for the escorts who work with him) have tried to make a living off escorts in Colima.  For whatever reason, they don’t seem to last.  What works best is groups of independent escorts who work together.  Sometimes they pay a less attractive member of their group to do the thankless job of setting appointments.  Others take turns answering the phone, paying one another commissions.  We call them escort agencies because “Groups of Mexican Prostitutes Working in a Co-operative” is a mouthful.  It also sounds like socialism.  Maybe Bernie Sanders should get involved.

10 Hot Girls in Colima

The photos here are from an ad by just such a service.  They only speak Spanish, but you can use Google Translate and send them a Whatsapp message.  Their number is +521 3121 193 905.  They have 10 hot girls.  They’ll even travel to Manzanillo with a days notice.   They ask for a 2 hour minimum and no travel fee.   Sounds both fun and fair.

Other Options

 Try a Google search for “Escorts Colima” or “Escorts Manzanillo”.  The two cities are only an hour apart.  You can’t travel from one side of Guadalajara to the other in an hour.  Escorts will often make the trip.  

slender escort in a tight white dress
busty girl in a scooped front t-shirt showing lots of cleavage