How To Find Escorts in Colima

Small Town Hookers Fear Public Exposure

Colima is a small/medium Mexican city with a small town atmosphere. If you live in Colima, chances are you were born in Colima. This presents problems finding escorts. Usually if you are in Guadalajara, 3 hours away, your escort is from Guadalajara. In Colima, very few girls will work as escorts in their own town. They go to either Manzanillo, or other nearby cities like Guadalajara. It’s not like ordering from Domino’s Pizza; your girl does not arrive hot on your doorstep within 30 minutes. If she’s under 30, she may be living with her parents.  In this city, you should plan ahead.

Finding An Escort Or Two

Use mileroticos.  All the ads will be in Spanish.  Currently there is a group of girls who have banded together and use the same phone number.  But most of the ads are for independents.  Use Whatsapp and a Google Translate to communicate, because none of these ladies will speak English.  You may be the only English speaking man they ever have sex with in their entire lives.  Foreigners mainly come as families, or to hike to a viewpoint for the Colima Volcano. 

Anyway, tell them in Spanish on Whatsapp that you want an appointment at a certain day and time.  ASAP works too.  Be aware that you may not get a response to your first choice.  Just copy and resend your message to your #2 choice.  Eventually you will get a response.  Don’t forget to ask “how much”.  For more details, visit our “how to make an appointment if you don’t speak Spanish” page