Good Luck Finding An English Speaking Brothel

First, Find A Driver You Like

If you really want a casa de cita (brothel) in Chihuahua, ask a taxi or Uber driver, a bartender or a friendly bellman. Take an English/Spanish dictionary and convert your money to pesos.  Brothels are not usually in the nice part of town, so expect to be creeped out by dark streets, shabby houses and shady characters in bad neighborhoods. It’s important to be comfortable with the cab driver.  Have him wait or return in 30 minutes if you aren’t on a busy street.  

Costs; Remember To Tip

Figure on spending no more than $1,500 pesos (about $75 USD), and don’t be surprised if it’s several hundred less. Don’t forget to tip for good service if your little dark haired hooker goes above and beyond the call of duty. The cab driver should get a portion of your total bill.  The brothel will pay a commission.  Your price is padded to cover this expense, so you can tip the driver normally.