Independent Escorts in Chihuahua

More than most cities, the escort option in Chihuahua makes sense. Usually, if you’re just passing through town for a day or two, you can find a strip club prostitute to take care of your needs and have a great evening. However, Chihuahua strip clubs don’t have the greatest reputation because report after report says the girls are ugly. (That makes the dancing girls in Chihuahua “dogs”.  Sorry.) You may be better off finding an English speaking hooker through an escort service, through an ad or on the streets.  Strip clubs have high overhead. The cost of living in Chihuahua is low, and it’s not filled with tourists paying too much and driving up prices. Independent escorts earn more money and can still charge less, because the House isn’t taking 50%. Plus, there’s not some abusive “manager” barking orders (do they sound like chihuahuas?) and making their lives difficult.

Where To Find Escorts

Older reports say to use the local newspaper to find escort ads, but these days a better method is probably to search Google online.  Mileroticos is always #1, in every Mexican city.  They have the most ads.  If you speak English only, you’re probably going to have to work a little harder to set the appointment.  

Almost All Whores Have Whatsapp

You’ll need to contact the girls with Whatsapp.  Most use it as their primary appointment setting tool.  If you search with Google Chrome, you can set it up to translate Spanish pages to English.  Pick a girl and contact her.  Explain you are using a translation app and you don’t speak Spanish.  Ask if she is available at the hour and the day you have in mind.  It’s easier if you are ready at that moment.  Many girls will NOT reply.  Don’t get discouraged.  Just reuse and resend the same message until you receive a response.  Most ads don’t name prices.  Ask in advance, or you are writing her a blank check. 

Prostitution is Legal, and Part of the Culture  

Local hotels should have no issues with having a prostitute to your room.  No laws are being broken.  It’s like having a pizza delivered.  It’s just part of the hotel business in Mexico.  A hotel that doesn’t  allow female guests to the room will lose a lot of business.