Chihuahua Massage

There are reports about Happy Ending massage parlors in Chihuahua, but they are always one step ahead of the authorities, going in and out of business with frequency.  One common thread is taxi drivers.  A good taxista knows where to find them.  An entrepreneur will rent a house, run his (or her) massage business until the authorities find out, then find another location.  In most cities, there is a network of taxistas who can help you find them.  While it can’t compete with the massage parlors in Monterrey, Chihuahua still has an excellent reputation for Happy Endings.  

An Eyewitness Report

Cabo Sport reports in the CityXGuide ” Talked with a taxi driver that connected me with another driver with very good English skills. “Brasil” set me up with a girl from ‘New West’ – a massage house downtown. Met this driver and he had ‘Sara’ with him. Took Sara back to my room for some afternoon fun. YES – I paid too much. $1200 pesos for a 2-hour massage (head to toe) that was great and some fun relaxing sex afterwards. Fun lady with a great attitude – extra good oral skills – no hurry. Would meet this one again. “

Good Attitude, Better Price

Other forum Mongers were quick to point out that the going rate is $1,500. You were very modest, and did very well negotiating. Another thing is that when you say the girl had a great attitude, what we hear is that YOU had a great attitude. At a guess, you were polite, clean and respectful. You certainly were patient, getting a referral to a referral from the taxi drivers. Nice job, Cabo Sport. The girls often use massage as both a way of pretending they’re not prostitutes and legitimizing their sex ads. If you’re not into outcall, do what Cabo Sport did and find a taxi driver who’ll give you a referral.