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The Ultimate Strip Club  List (TUSCL) says there are 3 strip clubs in Puerto Penasco; Gau Gau (Wow Wow), Babes Topless Club and Dunas.  


Sundevil69 writes on TUSCL of Gau Gau.   "Hit this place on a Saturday in January. Not bad for off season, about 6 girls range 6-8.  Let the usual dude come by and he offered to set me up with one that would visit my hotel...."


DLRunner writes "The Gau Gau pronounced (wow wow) strip club RULES. watch your manners though, I saw a guy go back for a "lap" dance in one of the scuzzy back rooms, and soon after about 10 of the strippers had him up on stage and were forcibly removing his clothes till he was nekkid. I don't know what he did wrong, because the cabaret rules in Mexico are a little more "liberal" than in the U.S.A. but it must have been bad."  I hope you're "tongue-in-cheek" DL.  You write like Pee Wee Herman sounds.  How many of us have been pulled onstage and undressed by 10 strippers?  It's unclear what he did in the "scuzzy back rooms", but maybe this dude was being rewarded, not punished.


There's a pretty good forum posting on Dunas, the strip club on the World Sex Guide. "Another place that have decent gals is Duna's. Duna's have some mix decent gals. Some are pure ugly but some are pretty good looking. I like Duna's private dance because you can haggle with the gals. Normally $22 for 7 minutes dance. But I was always able to get minimum 10 minutes for $22 and a few times all the way to 15 minutes for $22. I think it was suppose to be $20 but gave her $22 so the dancer will tip the time keeper $2 and make the minutes loose. I also like Dunas since the gal is not too pushy. But, some days nothing pretty to look. I was told you can take home the gal for $100 at their end of the shift. So don't hesitate to ask the gal." 


Are these still the places to go?  Contact us if you're familiar with Puerto Penasco.