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More than most cities, the escort option in Chihuahua makes sense.  Usually, if you're just passing through town for a day or two, you can find a strip club prostitute to take care of your needs and have a great evening.  However, Chihuahua strip clubs don't have the greatest reputation because report after report says the girls are ugly.  (That makes the dancing girls in Chihuahua dogs.  Sorry.) You may be better off finding a girl from our list below, or through a service. 


Strip clubs have high overhead.  The cost of living in Chihuahua is low, and it's not filled with tourists paying too much and driving up prices.  Independent escorts make more money and can still charge less, because the House isn't taking 50%.  Plus, there's not some abusive "manager" barking orders (do they sound like chihuahuas?) and making their lives difficult. 



 Here is some advice about using the online ads.  The best hooker ads (other than on EOM) in Chihuahua are usually on  vivanuncios.com.mx and Adoos.  Of course, the ads are in Spanish.  Use our vocabulary page to get started. 


Professional Photos:  Skip the ones with professional looking pictures.  That's not the girl you'll be getting. 


Shemales:  Unless you want a shaved man with tits, hair, makeup and a dick, (and it's OK if you do) learn which ads are for transvestites.  ( "travestis"). 


Selecting a Girl:  Only go with the ones with pictures, and try to read the eyes and body language as much as the words.  Mexican women know how to speak with their shoulders. It's a beautiful language when they like you.  These ads are popular because the girls can place a free ad with pictures.  They're all local,  and give a clue about what kind of experience you'll have.  (GFE and romance, nasty and rough, girls who are submissive and want you to take charge, housewives and students are the 5 most common.)  Often, these are not professionals.  Many really are housewives or students trying to make an extra buck (OK, peso) and have an adventure at the same time.  You may meet some sweet young student (like the girl in the photos) who turns your world upside down. 


The "Semi-Pros" - If you have housewife fantasies, this is where you want to be.  You'll get true GFE if it works out.  The better your Spanish, the better you'll do with your phone interview.  These girls often don't think of themselves as putas, (prostitutes), damas de noches (women of the night), mujuers en la vida galante (women of the glamorous life).  It's not unusual for the online girls to be working out fantasies of their own.  A Mexican Expression is "un mujer de la vida galante" or "a woman of the gallant life".  These women are not going to be doing this for long.  It has to be emotionally draining and dangerous, both physically and spiritually after a long time.  However, a lot of the online ad chicas are so new it's still an adventure for them.  You may get a beautiful young single mother between jobs and horny as hell.  (Mexican women can be amazingly passionate, especially the working girls who maybe get one appointment a week.)  This girl will give you an experience that you won't get from some street escort.  She may be getting started, and will only have been with a few men in her life.  She'll be willing to learn, and to experiment.  Nuzzle her neck.  Unlike some massage parlor girl who may have another customer in the lobby, your online escort may go nuts.  One paid hour can easily turn into three.  Play music.  Be romantic and considerate.  Find something to compliment her on....even if you have to say it in English.  She'll hear the tone and respond.  If you think you have an amateur, see how much foreplay she wants.  You do for her, and she'll do for you.  Mexican men can be macho assholes, and you may be the first man who's ever tried to please her


One true thing about mongering is that regardless of the selection, you just need one lucky break. Yeah, Chihuahua might have fewer escorts than almost any other big city except for Durango.  You may have to take a chance and do things differently.  But you may be glad you did.



Wendy - University Student, Enjoys Anal


I'm a tall, slim girl with beautiful breasts and face.  I want to do everything you like, including anal.  I especially enjoy dates that last all night, and have special prices for that service.  Let's take our time and have some fun.  Ask about my menu and prices. 





Erika - Bisexual, Loves Couples & Older Guys


I'm a mature woman of 27 with experience and willingness you'll enjoy.  You'll also enjoy my big breasts.  I'm a little chubby, but in all the right places.  I'm horny for older men (50+) and couples.   I've got a complete menu, just ask.  Call me any time of the day or night.







GFE, 69, Cum Up to 3 Times Per Hour, No Extra Charge


I'm a 20 year old escort born and raised in Chihuahua.  I'm busty and very sensual.  I love soft kisses and carresses, especially when they lead to 69.  Even if it's not normal for you, you'll not be satisfied with your first orgasm.  You'll want me again and again, and there's no extra charge.  That's because I like it too, and want to get satisfied myself.  24/7 service anywhere you like in Chihuahua. 





Katia - Likes Sex Between Her Big Breasts

GFE $700 Pesos, Anal +$500

She's Bisexual - Couples $1,200 With Oral Service For Your Girl


I'm a big girl in all the right places.  Do you like a girl with big boobs?  Mine are 38DDD!  I love titty fucking, and you can cum on my breasts if you want.  I'm really horny though, and I hope you'll want to have sex with me.  Bring your girlfriend, or I'll bring one of mine, for a threesome.  I'm bisexual, and very oral.  I enjoy kissing men and women, and love licking both cock and pussy.  Call me for more information.  I'll come to you anywhere in Chihuahua. 


6144 05 6109





If you're a man of means, I'm your girl.  I'm hot, tall, green-eyed and 22 years old.  My picture is really me. I have thick, sensuous lips that fit nicely where you want them most. 


6142.49.1393     chiwasxx@hotmail.com



Kristel - 34C


I'm a skinny girl of 19 with 34C breasts, tall and pretty.  I'm available anytime.  Call me now.


6142.49.1393  chiwasxx@hotmail.com



Nikole - MSOG (Cum up to 3 times in your hour)


Hello, Papi, I'm Nikole, a cute chick with a sculpted body.  I'm tall, slender with hips and ass that were meant for sex.  I'm dark haired, dark skinned and just 22 years old.  I enjoy kissing, and you can cum up to 3 times during your hour at no additional cost.  Call me anytime, I'll go anywhere in Chihuahua, including your private home. 


6142.49.1393  chiwasxx@hotmail.com



Tania - GFE, BBBJ,


I love to kiss and suck cock.  I'm new, and insatiable.  90 minutes for $1,000.  I'll give a blowjob without a condom for $200 additional.  I enjoy 69.  I'm bi, and I also service couples for $1,500.  If you ask me sweetly, I can bring a girlfriend (like Yuliana, below) for a threesome or foursome.


6142.49.1393  chiwasxx@hotmail.com



Yuliana - Likes Guys Over 40


I'm pretty and slim, a VIP senorita looking for the right gentleman for a good time.  I especially like men over 40.  Call me soon.  I'm bi, and enjoy couples and threesomes.  Basic 90 minute session is $1,200 and includes sweet kisses on your mouth. I'll suck you without a condom for $200 more, and service you and your girl for $1,500 in a threesome. 


6142.49.1393  chiwasxx@hotmail.com



Koral - Wants To Take Off Her Sexy Clothes For You


I'm Koral, 22 years old and looking for fun.  I'm new to the escort business, and enjoy learning.  Would you like to teach me some tricks?  I'm a masajista, a massage therapist, as well as an escort.  Let's do both!  Let's start with a sensual massage with oil, I can massage your cock with my hands, then my mouth.  I can't wait, it sounds like so much fun.  I'll come in sexy clothes, then get naked for you.  


6142.49.1393  chiwasxx@hotmail.com





Hi, my name is Aracdely, and I'm sure to please you.  I'm super sweet and I enjoy each moment with you.  I'll seduce you with my enthusiasm, beauty and willingness to give you the best service.  We'll have a good time, I promise.  I'll go to your home or hotel.  I work all night. 






Yessika and Vanessa


We're the best.  We're both slender and tall.  Contact our cell.  We work all night, but we take day appointments as well.  I'm Yessika in the blue panties.  Vanessa has the black thong.  We are both very discrete.  Call us!  






Sexy Independent


Hello, Gentlement.  I'm a young girl of 21, with dark hair and a nice ass.  I'd like for you to contact me so we can meet at your hotel or motel.  I'm an independent escort here in Chihuahua.  Let's meet alone, or if you like we can have a third person join us for a threesome. 





Anay - 38C Titties


I'm a woman of 27, tall with 38C breasts.  I'm fun, willing, easy to get along with and enthusiastic in bed.  I assure you you'll be totally satisfied.  Phone calls only (no text messages or voicemail.)





Hi, I'm Kirstal.  I'm very young with pale skin and a pretty face.  I'm very, very horny and willing to experience maximum pleasure with you.  Call me. 







I'm 26, 5'3" tall and pretty to look at.  Do you like my legs?  Believe me, I want to wrap them around you while you satisfy us both.  Call anytime. 







Katalina is one of the "pretty young ones", listed on the escort services page.  She says she's more than just a pretty girl, and asks that you call her so she can prove it. 







I want you to call me now.  I'm a little shy at first, but warm up fast.  I will come to your home before 8PM, and to your hotel before 10PM.   






My name is Liz and I'm 29 years old.  I enjoy a man with imagination, and I like to try new things.  I concentrate on your pleasure.  Don't be nervous.  I will come to your home before 8PM, and to your hotel before 11PM.   




Anel - 19 Years Old

Threesomes with Sandra


I give a very personal service, all day, every day.  I don't hold anything back.  I'm bisexual, and love giving a lesbian show and having threesomes with my girlfriend Sandra.  (Below.)  Hire us both together or one of us.  I will go to your hotel or motel any time of the day or night.  I especially like men from out of town.




Threesomes with Anel


I like threesomes and lesbian shows with my girlfriend Anel.  (Above)  We do a wicked four handed massage that will have you throbbing until you have sex with both of us.  We strongly prefer men from out of town.  We work individually, but it's 3 times the fun with the two of us together.



Eimmy - 20 Years Old


Hi, my name is Eimmy.  I'm 20, with long dark hair, long legs and a beautiful butt.  Want to get to know me?  We could have lots of fun together.



Estefanny - The Mare Seeks A Stallion


I'm your perfect lover, and I want to make you happy.  That's why I give an hour and a half for the price of an hour.  I need you to be a discrete, polite gentleman.  I'm playful, fun and very horny.  I'm the mare.  Can you be my stallion?  Let me hear your fantasies, and I will make them come true.





Call me Dulce, which means "sweet" in Spanish.  I'm 21 years old and I want to fulfill your fantasies.  I don't have restrictions.  Call me anytime for my menu and prices.  Nothing bad is going to happen, I promise.



2 Girls, 2 Hours


We are two escorts who understand the services you want.  We love to kiss. 
We will kiss each other, we will kiss you on the mouth, and we want to kiss your cock.  Our appointments are two hours, so we can take our time and enjoy unlimited oral and vaginal sex.  Call about our complete menu of services and prices.  Call anytime.



Chica de Costa Rica


I'm from Costa Rica and can give you 100% of what you want.  I especially like older men. Contact me for an appointment.





Sandy - Loves 69


Sandy offers unlimited sex day or night.  Delight in a rich massage, delicious mutual oral sex or try out my tight, tight vagina. 

6143 69 7852




Note:  Almost all the girls operate from cell phones.  This link is to excellent instructions on how to place calls to Mexican phone numbers.  Usually, you just dial 044 first then her 10 digit number.  That's if you are already in Mexico, and the girl is local.  If the number is still a cell phone but it's a number from a different city, you dial 045 first.  (If all the ad numbers begin with "614", and her number starts "322", you can figure she's visiting.)  There are other numbers you have to dial first if you're calling from the United States, calling land lines within Mexico, etc.  Just click the link above.  It's just a few extra numbers, and the calls won't cost you much.  These women cost a fraction of what a comparable would cost in the U.S. 



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