No Escort Services, Just Girl Groups

How Girls Beat the Law in San Miguel de Allende

Here’s a short primer on Mexican law regarding prostitution.  It’s legal to be an escort and sell sex.  It’s not legal to be a streetwalker.  You also cannot profit from the sex work of another person.  Different municipalities find legal loopholes so that brothels, strip clubs and massage parlors can exist openly, but not in San Miguel de Allende.  Escort services are illegal.  But there’s no law that says prostitutes can’t work together.

Why Guys Like Escort Services

If you’re busy and successful, you place a high value on your time.  Finding an independent escort is time consuming.  They don’t answer their phones.  They often don’t show up on time.  Sometimes escorts use 20 year old photos, before they had 4 children.  An escort service thrives on repeat business.  The owner has a vested interest in creating satisfied customers.  Illegitimate agencies traffic in slaves, and the laws are designed to stop abuse. But legitimate services are put out of business.

Girls Working Together

Escorts working together provides some of the benefits of an escort agency.  They often take turns answering the phone, or hire someone to book the appointments.  Hookers often become bisexual (male clients can be pigs) and enjoy working with their girlfriends.  In Allende, the most popular escort website is Mileroticos.  If you scroll through the ads you may see listings for “amigas”.  This is as close as you’ll get to an escort service.