Finding Hidden Brothels in San Miguel de Allende

There Are Few Cities With Legal Brothels in Mexico

It’s illegal in Mexico for any person or business to profit directly from the earnings of a sex worker.  Prostitution itself is legal.  The law is intended to prevent sexual slavery, which is still a problem in Mexico.  San Miguel de Allende has strict rules about prostitution.  This has driven local hookers underground.  It’s similar the United States during Prohibition in the 20’s. But instead of knocking on the heavy door and saying the right words to the bouncer inside, you just need to find the right taxi or Uber driver.  Another option is to go to Guadalajara and enjoy the esteticas masculinas.  (A combination of brothel and massage parlor.)

Brothels Are Temporary and Always Moving

If brothels exist in Allende, it’s the professional drivers who will know where to find them.  Uber drivers and taxi drivers are a brothel owners best friends, at least for business.  They are constantly being raided and shut down.  (Especially close to elections, so officials can show they are tough on crime.)  Brothels are as secret as places that sell drugs.  They can’t exactly take out ads in the paper.  So what they do is move a lot, and keep the drivers informed.  There are a lot of older reports from San Miguel saying the brothels are really good.  If they’re still there, the taxi and Uber drivers will know where they are.