The Brothels Are In Tijuana

Tijuana Brothels Are Strip Clubs, Too

Why are we talking about Tijuana brothels on a page for Rosarito?  There’s too much competition too close.  TJ’s Zona Rosa is only 20 miles north.  If Rosarito were located somewhere else in Mexico, there would be demand….and whore houses.  Look at it from the perspective of a hooker.  Why would you want to work in Rosarito, unless you are past your prime?  All the clients and all the money is in Tijuana.  Look at it from the perspective of a normal client.  Why would you want a worn out older girl?  (By the time they hit 30, most girls have either found a boyfriend or something else to work at.)  Tijuana brothels are 100% legal, the girls are beautiful and everything is legal.

Owning a Brothel Isn’t Easy

Brothels are illegal in Mexico.  Tijuana strip club owners have found a legal loophole that allows them to operate with a hotel in the same building.  That’s expensive to set up.  With the small demand in Rosarito, all you’re going to find is some rented house with a few “past their prime” women or girls not of legal age.  These places only last weeks before they are shut down by the police.  The owner of that brothel will go to prison for underage girls.  If caught, you’ll spend a night in jail and lose the contents of your bank accounts to corrupt police and judges.  Since it’s an illegal operation anyway, the risks of robbery in an unlicensed brothel are tremendously higher.  Even if you can find a brothel in Rosarito Beach, it’s not worth the risk.